Using the Luware API it is now possible make calls with the new "Call As" (Team Impersonation) feature directly from the TM Frontend. Once enabled, TM users will find a new "Call as <Team / Service Name> " Pulldown directly on the header bar.

"Call as" Team impersonation feature for outgoing calls

The selection stays active until the user:

  • ... is removed from the team where CallAs was active
  • ... manually changes CallAs selection in FE
  • ... presses the "reset" button in header bar

Configure Call-As via Web Frontend

(tick) PreconditionAn API key (Token) with RBAC "Task Manage" permissions is required to make calls via the Frontend

There are two different methods to use this feature:

  • Via API
  • Via SMD

API Outbound

  1. Head to Configurator -> Topology -> Components (Server) -> API settings . Enter the API Web-Address (FQDN and port defined in IIS).

  2. Within AppSettings.config located in your Frontend component installation directory, edit and add a new key: 

    <add key="CallAsAuthenticationTokenName" value="myapitoken"/>

    where "myapitoken" the is name of API Key with the appropriate rights.
    (lightbulb) After an update from TM 3.2 to 3.3 the "FE CallAs" key is added by default 

Configure Call-As using SMD

(tick) SMD Outbound Precondition: Using call-as in SFB client is only possible if the Luware SMD application is installed on the user's SfB server.

The "Call As" selection for a specific team is only available if "Call As" is enabled the Teams Settings. The a user of the corresponding Team can see the dropdown in the header and choose. → The call will be shown on customer’s side as impersonated

  • "No Call As Team" - Call As selection options in header bar is hidden
  • "Internal Conversations" - Target is an agent or service Sip / PhoneUri
  • "External Conversations" - Target is not an agent or service Sip / PhoneUri
  • "All Conversations" – Any target (agent/non agent)

(warning) Please note: users can still use "Call As" for teams where "Call-As" is activated even when set to inactive (→ See Team Choice Feature)

Good to know

  • Individual users have no special settings to enable "Call-As" features. All team members which are part of a team where "Call As" is enabled can use this feature.
  • The new UI provides a Web-Link (URL) parameter option to initiate CallAs task by opening FE to select Service & Target Number immediately.  

    URL Format: http(s)://{domainname}:{port}/callas?phonenumber={PhoneNumber}&service={Service}