The table has Controls with edit/remove buttons and the following set of columns:

  • Account
  • Credential
  • Default Value

A Filter can be set for Account, Credential and Default Value columns upon clicking 'Filter' button. The Filter pop-up allows applying filter by choosing different values to the displayed data. System Administrator can create new mailbox upon clicking button on 'Add New Mailbox' pop-up:




The username of the email account created on the Exchange server.

O365 Tenant

The tenant configured for  an O365 account.

Exchange Tenant

The type of the Exchange server on which the mailbox is created.

Use Impersonation

Set to ‘true’ to use an impersonated account  instead of original one.

Set to ‘false’ to use original account.

Note: An impersonated account  is an account that is added in Exchange to a group with  ‘ApplicationImpersonation’ role.To use impersonated account  select  it  from ‘Credential’ drop down list.


The full email account created on the Exchange server.

Default Value

Default state of mailbox selected from a list of categories defined on CI server.

Organization Unit

The organization unit to which the selected mailbox belongs.

Add New Mailbox pop-up

User can save or rollback changes using 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons. If the specified values are invalid or required fields are empty, the system will not allow a user to save changes: 'Save' button is disabled, invalid value is highlighted with red. The user can check the entered data with the Test Connection button