Workflow Resources can be managed either in the Frontend or in the Team Manager Configurator App (Workflow Tab). Aside from the UI differences the functionality itself is identical. 

Workflow Resources Tab in the TM Configurator App

In the following this chapter will focus on the new design. 

Good to know

  • System-, Tenant- and Team Admins can manage Workflow resources - respectively within their corresponding Organization Unit.
  • As all other data entities resources get "inherited down", meaning that via the use of Organization Unit and the tenant layer, resources can be selectively made available to the corresponding teams.

Page Overview (FrontEnd UI)

The "Workflow Resources" page is presented as a table with a list of Workflow Resources. Team and System Administrators have permissions to create, edit, update and delete resources.

Workflow Resources Tab

The Workflow Resources tab consists of the following elements: 




Workflow Resource Name as it will be shown in the Workflow placeholders and music on hold playlists.

Audio File

Upon clicking the button,the system opens a file upload dialog and uploads the selected audio file.
File format: WMA
Max size: 1MB

(info) After the file is uploaded, it is displayed in the preview area that allows to Play/Pause, Mute, Change sound volume and remove the audio.

Text To Speech

A spoken sound version of the text in a Workflow Instance.

Test for IM

Instant message text.

Adding Workflow Resources

To add a Workflow Resource, click on the "+Add Resource" button.

→  A dialogue window opens which allows you to configure the resource options (refer to the table above).


Add Workflow Resource

When done, save your changes.