Opening Hours are a way to define standalone calendars for each team to determine its outwards facing online presence.

  • As a Tenant Administrator you can define and assign opening hours calendars to different teams - making them available via the Organization Unit matrix.
  • Team Administrators can use these entries and / or switch between multiple calendars to immediately take effect on their team.


To configure Opening Hours login to TM FrontEnd access the "Opening Hours" tab. You can either "Add New" opening hours or click an existing entry to view and edit it.

(lightbulb) Without the corresponding role you will not be able to edit all fields in this view. 

Existing or new entries are listed as calendar with various opening hour events:

Opening Hours Calendar with entries

The following elements are part of the opening hours calendar page:

Control NameFormat/Validation/Behavior


Opening Hours Name, as referenced in other areas of the UI (e.g. Service Details).

Organization Unit

Opening hours will belong to the selected Organization Unit

  • Sysadmin and Tenant Admin can select OU"s from all three levels.
  • Team Admins will only view calendar entries assigned to their team(s).

Default Value

The default value for the opening hours. The system will use this value no events are found. Categories are configured in TM-CI.

Time Zone

"Opening Hours" time zone. Should be adapted to the timezone where the target service using these opening hours is situated.

Calendar"s View Mode

It"s possible to customize a calendar view:

  • Show it per day, month or week
  • Select day, week, or month to show
  • Select next day, week or month to show
  • Toggle between calendar day (24h) or business hours only (10h) 

Save button

Saves Opening Hours changes.

Discard button

Reset all Opening Hours changes.

Remove button

Deletes selected Opening Hours item.

Opening Hours Priority

Below is a table of calendar categories in our products.

Overlapping calendar events are resolved by the highest priority value.

CheckingFailure 0
Closed 1
Open 2
PreHoliday 4
InternationalHoliday 5
NationalHoliday 6
Special3 10
Special4 11
StandByDuty 999

Create a new Event

  1. To create an event double click on a free calendar cell → An "Event" pop-up window appears
    (info) "Event" properties are also shown when you click an existing item in the list or the "Add New" button. 

    Editing event properties
  2. Add your desired parameters for the event (see table below for explanation on fields)

  3. Click "Save" to close → the event is now shown within the calendar.
Control NameFormat/Validation/Behavior


The event"s name. 


The event"s category. The dropdown contains the list of categories configured in TM-CI.

Time Zone

The event"s time zone.

All Day Event

Yes/No. If set to Yes, the event duration is set to 24 hours. "all day" cell is marked in a Calendar


Date/Time. Start date and time of a Calendar item


Date/Time. End date and time of a Calendar item


The following settings apply: 

  • 0 Never 
  • 1 Daily 
  • 2 Weekly
  • 3 Monthly
  • 4 Yearly

Repeat every

Combination of the values of the Repeat field, and StartEnd dates.

1 Daily 

Repeat every : every selected amount of days an event will be started again

2 Weekly

Repeat every : every selected amount of weeks an event will be started again

Repeat on : select a day of the week an event will be started again

3 Monthly

Repeat every : every selected amount of months an event will be started again

Repeat on : select a day of the month when an event will be started again

4 Yearly

Repeat every : every selected amount of years an event will be started again

Repeat on : select a day and a month of the year when an event will be started again


Last date and time of a recurring event.

The following settings apply: 

  • Never : the event
  • After : select an amount of occurrences
  • On : select a date when

Save button

Saves event"s changes

Delete button

Deletes event from an Opening Hours Calendar

Good to Know

(warning) The "Standalone Opening Hours" do not support StandByDuty functionality

  • A double click on a repeated event opens a confirmation message first. Depending on the selection, whole series or only selected event can be changed.
  • An event can also be removed by clicking the "X" on their right side
  • Overlapping events are handled with a "right over left" priority, meaning that special events and holidays "outweight" the corresponding left neighbors when the overall service status is determined. This weighting also applies for the "default" value selected. 
    (warning) We highly recommend going against overlapping events because it can lead to erratic team presence and system states.

Known Limitations

Recurring Events on a DST-Shift-Day

Known Issue (Kendo Scheduler)

There is a reported bug in the scheduling component used in Opening Hours Calendar.

When you create a recurring event on a DST (Daylight Savings Time) shift day, all related recurring events are shown at shifted time.

A bugfix is outside of Luware scope. Until this is resolved we recommend to create the start of recurring events starting outside of a DST-shift-day.

Events ending during DST-Shift

Shifted Meeting Duration in UI during Daylight Saving time change (Wontfix)

There is a known bug in the Scheduling UI affects timezones that use DST (Daylight Savings Time). Calendar entries that end within 2-3 AM on a Daylight Saving Time shift will be automatically changed upon saving, moving the event according to offset of DST (-1h or +1h). This happens without the user actively being informed upon confirming the date.

→ We recommend not to let meetings end in a DST timeshift. This issue will most-likely not be fixed as the scenario is rather uncommon.

Exchange Calendar on DST

Known Limitation (wontfix)

When using Exchange as your opening hours calendar: when the timezone on your calendar account changes, existing all-day events will not be updated to this new timezone.

We recommend not change time-zones if you use "all-day" events.