Team/System Administrator is able to view the Workflow Instance assigned to a TeamService to check the configurations, attributes and values. A special button was added to each workflow in Workflow Instance Dropdown list.

A click on this button opens the Workflow Viewer pop-up with corresponding workflow details.

Workflow Viewer Pop-Up


The 'Placeholder' section allows adjustment of real values for the placeholders assigned on a workflow instance. It shows only the possible values/appropriate controls according to the type of a placeholder.

  • 'Name 'column. Shows names of placeholders that are used in the Workflow Instance.
  • 'Used In Activity' column. Shows name of an activitie that contains this placeholder.
  • 'Value' column. Shows custom value that is used for the placeholder in the current service.

'Placeholder' section

Attributes Tab

'Attributes tab' can be opened from the 'Workflow Viewer' pop-upper each activity upon clicking on this activity and displays the list of activity properties and its values in read only mode. Those that are marked with can be configured on 'Placeholders' section or on this tab. By pressing 'Close' button the system saves changes.

'Attributes' tab of 'Properties' pop-up