The GAL-Search is a service installed alongside the FE - Frontend component. It enables team members to perform a search of contacts in the GAL (Global Address List). The search for GAL-Contacts is available from TM-Frontend wherever teams, forward targets, users or other contact objects may be entered. This also applies for configuration property fields as well as service and team names (e.g. a service team's SIP endpoint address). 

Depending on Service Team Type you can use GAL search to find and fill in different values:

  • The Service FWD Target and TM Forward SIP URI (TeamServiceAndTeamCallGroup).
  • The Service FWD Target (TeamServiceOnly).
  • The TM Forward SIP URI  (TeamCallGroupOnly).

(info) Also see Team Management explaining the ("Types of Teams")

Using the Search

The search gets active when at least three characters are typed. It can be carried out on First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Company, Department, JobTitle or City. Contact information is displayed like this:

'GAL-Search' contact request
  • Each contact has a set of icons (buttons) that correspond to the values saved in Cache (maximum 6 Icons per line).
  • Upon clicking an icon, corresponding values (telephonenumber or sipaddress) are added to the field.
    (lightbulb)  If there is only one telephonenumber or sipaddress available the buttons are not displayed at all.

Good to know

Team member are also able to find Team-Endpoints (generated by TM) or Response-Group-Endpoints (SfB Feature) when typing the displayname in the search field,

This allows chosing those endpoints as SimRing/FWD-Target. 

GAL Output can be further customized, as described in FE - Frontend Configuration.