Preconditions met?

This page introduces you to the configuration of a running TM server instance. As you progress through this section, ensure that the following minimal criteria are met: 

TM Configurator

In order to configure all aspects of TeamManager you need to have the TM Configurator application installed on your application Server. 

(lightbulb) Certain configuration / team management options are already available from the Frontend, however for the full feature set the TM Configurator is still required.

Default Path of the TM Configurator: "C:\Program Files\Luware AG\TM-Configurator\LUCS.TM.LC.Administration.exe"

Getting Started with your Configuration

Starting the application will grant you the following view on the Home Tab. From here on out, read the following chapters to configure your system accordingly: 

(lightbulb) If you are configuring your system for the first time we recommend reading these chapters from top to bottom for the least amount of backtracking.