Placeholders allows you to define (and change existing) Workflow’s Element Properties without needing to edit each Workflow Instance individually. Each workflow instance using the placeholders will immediately reflect your changes on the placeholders. 

(lightbulb) Workflow instances make use of placeholders. When selecting and assigning a WF instance to a service, it can be modified to use placeholders in steps that allow for a placeholder.

(info) Workflow placeholders must be defined in the backend (TM Configurator) but can be selected in the Frontend.

Example Placeholders in Workflows

Placeholder Definition

Placeholders are defined in Configurator > Workflow > Placeholders Tab. On clicking a specific placeholder in the list, the user can view its details:

Placeholders Page

The 'Placeholders' page contains the following settings:

Control NameDescription


Placeholder name.

Organization Unit

Select Organization Unit to which the placeholder will be assigned.

(Default Value)

The following types are supported:

  • Workflow Resource: drop down with a list of resources. They can be added on ‘Resources’ page.
  • Number: Numeric field with ability to set numeric value.
  • Time: Time field with ability to set time value.
  • Contact Object: Drop down with a list of SfB services.
  • Free Text: Text area that allows to type any text.
  • Target: Text field that allows to set sip or phone number. Field is validated according to format “sip:” or “tel:”.
  • Playlist: Drop down with a list of Music on Hold playlists.
  • Boolean: Check box that allows to enable or disable option.