The "Home" tab consolidates information made within the "Topology" tab.  It also acts as quick "dashboard" to see if any TM System Components do not operate as required (or have the wrong file version).

The correlation of the TM Configurator tabs


Before being able to use the "Home" tab to the fullest extend you need to check that

  • Topology > Server (System) and...
  • ... Topology > Components (Server) tabs are configured.
  • According TM System Components are installed and configured on the tabs above.
  • A valid TM License for these components is installed


The "Home" Tab displays the following details:

TM Home Tab Overview
Licence AreaAllows you to manage TM Licenses
Machine (Instance)
  • The machine is represented as a column.
  • The column contains Name, FQDN, IP Address of the machine.
Installed Components

Shows the installed  TM System Components per machine and their status

  • TM system components on each machine are represented as cells in the columns of each machine.
  • Each cell contains Name and Version of TM system component.
Component Status (Legend)

The state of services:

  • The state of a service is represented as a colored bar in the service cell.
  • Gray bar means that a service is "Unreachable".
  • Orange bar means that a service is "Passive". (In case of an Active / Passive component)
  • Green bar means that a service is "Active".

(lightbulb) To see current information on the "Home" tab, e.g. when restarting services, use the "Refresh" button at the right bottom corner.

(lightbulb) The TM system components are run and stopped as windows services using C:\windows\system32\Services.msc - they can be identified with their "Luware" naming prefix.