Trained Administrators only!

The following procedure is to be performed by Luware-trained system administrators only. When uncertain about certain steps, don't hesitate to contact us

An Upgrade from previous versions may differ slightly in between versions. However there are 4 basic steps to remember:

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Step 1 - Prepare

Prepare Upgrade

  • Take notes of TM names and addresses
  • SRV Records on Active Directory Machine
  • Prepare Migration Script for Execution after DB Upgrade
  • Create Backups
    • Backup of Topology Data
    • TM Program Files
    • SQL Database Backups
  • Uninstallation of Old Components
  • Optional Cleanup Steps
  • Prepare new Setup files

Step 2 - Upgrade

Deploy Upgrade

  • Database Upgrade
  • Execute Migration Script
  • Run Database Checker
  • Windows Auth
  • SQL Auth
  • Run Dataloader
  • Enable Service Broker
  • Install TM System Components
  • Installation Specifics / Settings / Changes

Step 3 - Verify

Verify Upgrade

  • Start PS Service and TM Configurator
  • Verify Topology Data
    • Check Components
    • Check Trusted Application Pools
    • Server (System)
  • Licence Check
  • Start all Services

Step 4 - Check

Optional and Situational Upgrade Tasks
  • Check Exchange Web Services
  • Change the Port Numbers
  • Active Directory Configuration
  • System Administrator AD-Group Configuration