- TeamManager 3.3.2 Bugfix Release

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241140749855 B: [Callback] Callback Scheduling just stopped at some moment, restart of AM helpedCallbacks that were created a month ago are not stopped anymore.3.3.20123.1


 - TeamManager 3.3 Release

We are proud to announce our newest V3.3 TM release, packed with a lot of new features as well as a huge variety of quality of life improvements. 

New Tenant Layer support

A new "Tenant" layer has been added has been added to the Organization Unit structure and Role Based Access system of TM,  corresponding with a new "Tenant Administrator" role.  Users may now be part of multiple tenants and / or their respective teams if assigned to the corresponding Organization Unit.

Tenant Layer in RBAC Panel

Limitation- Tenant layer only available with manual user provisioning

In order to use the Tenancy feature you need to deactivate AD synchronization.

To disable AD sync: 

  1. Head to the CIC component in your Topology settings.
  2. Disable the AD Sync by setting value for "enabledTeamSync" to "false

(lightbulb) Any existing tenant definitions will remain unaffected by this change.


Changing AD Team Sync in CIC Component
(info) Also see CIC - Customer Infrastructure Connector component for further details.

Frontend Multi-Tenancy selection

To prevent multi-tenant users from making mistakes in the Frontend UI, they now have to select a tenant  first before committing further entries to the system. This logic was changed on the following frontend pages:

Tenant selection in the Frontend

Good to know

On pages where a new item can be created, the new tenant must be selected first to enable the controls, The new tenant will then be automatically filled into corresponding property fields.

Standalone Opening Hours Configuration

  • A sysadmin or tenant admin (introduced with new multi tenancy functions in v3.2 ) you can configure the opening hours in TM itself. This acts as an alternative to use dedicated exchange mailboxes for opening hours handling.
  • Standalone opening hours are managed in a new page in TM Frontend and provide same functionality as exchange mailboxes. Every team manager can assign own calendars if needed.

    Manage team calendars directly within the TM Frontend

    (info)  Where to find it? → Look for the new " Opening Hours " entry in the TM Frontend sidebar.


The "Standby Duty" function  still requires a dedicated Exchange mailbox. When using a standalone calendar instead of Exchange you will be missing the following features: 

  • Agents to be reached via their mobile- or PSTN phone in their absence and ...
  • ... notified by e-mail or SMS when certain events occur, is not yet implemented and

API Improvements

With 3.3 we updated the API to handle calls (tasks) directly. 

  • Read more about the API set-up procedure in our TeamManager API section.
  • Refer to our API  Swagger File  documentation for a full set of endpoints and technical descriptions.
  • Our new Stratus Cloud Products are designed to make direct use of the API, all packed into a slim web interface.

The following new endpoints and methods are available with this update:

Request TargetRequest(s)Description
Teams under a tenant (OU)
  • GET ​/v1.0​/teams
  • GET ​/v1.0​/teams​/{teamIdentifier}
  • GET ​/v1.0​/teams​/bymember​/{userIdentifier}
  • GET ​/v1.0​/organizationunits​/{ouIdentifier}​/teams

Retrieve all teams under the respective Organization Unit.

(lightbulb) Will return (a list of) Teams with TeamID or UserIDs within a team

User (Agent) specific items
  • GET /v1.0​/teams​/{teamIdentifier}​/users
  • POST ​/v1.0​/teams​/{teamIdentifier}​/users​/{userIdentifier}​/active
  • GET ​/v1.0​/users​/{userIdentifier}
  • GET ​/v1.0​/users

Check users within a team.

(lightbulb) Will return (a list of) UserIDs under a particular team or specific user details.

Task provisioning and management
  • GET /v1.0​/teams​/{teamIdentifier}​/tasks
  • GET /v1.0​/teams​/{teamIdentifier}​/longestwaitingtask
  • GET /v1.0​/tasks​/byteamsmember​/{userIdentifier}
  • POST ​/v1.0​/tasks​/outboundCall​/start
  • GET /v1.0​/users​/{userIdentifier}​/tasks
  • POST /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/transfer
  • POST​ /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/hold
  • POST​ /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/resume
  • POST​ /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/terminate
  • POST​ /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/consultationCall
  • GET /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/consultationCall
  • POST​ /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/consultationCall​/merge
  • POST​ /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/consultationCall​/transfer
  • POST​ /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/consultationCall​/terminate
  • POST​ /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/consultationCall​/leave
  • POST​ /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/consultationCall​/audioRoutes
  • POST​ /v1.0​/tasks​/{taskIdentifier}​/consultationCall​/terminateCustomerCall
  • GET /v1.0​/users​/{userIdentifier}​/consultativeCalls

Manage tasks (calls) directly: 

  • ... create a consultative call to another Agent (Consultant)
  • ... transfer service calls or merge calls with a Consultant
  • ... switch audio routes in a merged call
  • ...  leave or terminate calls.
  • ... put tasks on hold and resume them.

API Keys now with RBAC Support

With V3.3 we improved the API keys management to support a much more granular permission set per issued API key: 

  • New User Roles can be assigned to API Keys
  • Permissions are set for the roles assigned to the API Keys for specific Organization Units.

Good to know

  • To administrate the roles of an API key you need to have the System  Administrator Role 
  • During an upgrade from older versions of the API (e.g. TM 3.3), your keys will get all available roles to avoid communication issues. All existing API keys will be assigned to top ("TeamManager") system level

(info) Where to find it? Assign the new roles via the new tab located in the TM Configurator > Topology > API Role Based Access. 

(info)More infos in our  TeamManager API section.

Call As (Impersonation)

Using the Luware API it is now possible make calls with the new "Call As" (Team Impersonation) feature directly from the TM Frontend. Once enabled, TM users will find a new "Call as <Team / Service Name> " Pulldown directly on the header bar.

"Call as" Team impersonation feature for outgoing calls

The selection stays active until the user:

  • ... is removed from the team where CallAs was active
  • ... manually changes CallAs selection in FE
  • ... presses the "reset" button in header bar

(info)  Learn more about the Call-As Feature and it"s configuration via the Team Choice page.

Workflow Changes

Switch between placeholder audio and TTS in Frontend

In a recent update we enabled our system administrator to configure audio and TTS in workflows separately. For this reason the "SpeechStatement" property was split into two individual properties for Audio and TTS. This affects all Workflow activities with an audio announcement selection, which were updated with new properties:

  • AV Audio File(s) Enabled
  • AV TTS(s) Enabled

New: Separate Audio file and TTS options for more Workflow Instance flexibility

The following workflow  activities were updated:

WF ActivityType of Update
Announcementexisting property is split
InputCustomerexisting property is split
EmergencyActivityexisting property is split
Connectnew properties added, default "true"
Collect Customer Informationnew properties added, default "true"
Standby Dutynew properties added, default "true"

When migrating / updating your installation

For existing activites in workflows the following rules are applied during migration: 

  • If the previous SpeechStatement:Enabled = "true" → set both new properties to true
  • If the previous SpeechStatement:Enabled = "false" → set both new properties to false
  • If the previous has a boolean placeholder assigned → the same placeholder is assigned for both new properties during upgrade
  • If services have configured values for placeholders → these values are migrated as well and reassigned to placeholders for the two new properties

(info) Learn how to use this feature in our new use case: Switch between AudioFile and TTS via placeholder 

New Reporting Features

Download Team Data Option - In addition to the 4-month CSV report download per team you can now download a comprehensive 4-month report for all teams. The CSV can be used with Power BI.

Download quarterly reports directly via the Frontend (last 3 months + current)

(info)  Where to find it? → Look for the new "CSV EXPORT - 4 Month" button on the "Reporting" page in TM Frontend

Reporting Data Changes

  • Added the the Target SipValue in TeamManager-Reporting, as TransferTargetSip, so targets of a transferred call can be identified
  • Added CallAs Reporting possibility in TeamManager
  • Adjusted/simplified the database roles for LUCS and TM

Other Improvements

  • Various Scalability / Performance improvements

  • Possibility to Get Presence over MS Teams directly in AC

Known Issues / Limitations

3.3 New Database Creation

Known Issue

When creating a new clean-base V3.3 Database there is a confirmed issue that a KPI Index (IX_View_FactSession_Indexed_CL and IDX_KPI) files are not created in the Database. In TeamManager Frontend the following error appears: 

'IDX_KPI' on table 'Reporting.View_FactSession_indexed (specified in the FROM clause) does not exist.

To circumvent the problem:

  1. Using DB Updater, create the Database in the latest 3.2 Version first
  2. The execute "Reporting.usp_Dataloader" → This creates the necessary Index files
  3. Then update the database from 3.2.08.xxxx to 3.3.12.xxxx or newest DB equivalent

(info) Existing 3.2.x installations seem to be unaffected (upgrade). This note remains until the issue is fixed. 

Standalone Opening Hours Configuration

  • The "Standby Duty" function,  which allows agents to be reached on their mobile- or PSTN phone and be notified by e-mail or SMS when certain events occur, is not yet implemented and can only be used with a dedicated Exchange mailbox.

Extend TM to support multi tenancy

  • Tenant Management by adding a three level OU Structure is currently only available if manual provisioning is active (Active Directory synchronization is disabled). Please read more on this in the CIC - Customer Infrastructure Connector page.
    (warning) There is currently no visible UI warning about this limitation. With AD sync enabled, new Tenant layers added to the Organization Unit with not be reflected. We recommend completely opting for one variant (with AD sync or Tenant Layer support).