The Teams UI can be access via the URL specified in the TM-FE (FrontEnd) service as defined during setup by your administrator. 

The default URL is: 

Via HTTPhttp://<yourservername>:81
Via HTTPshttps://<yourservername>:443

Login Screen

Team Manager Login


  1. Enter your credentials (usually your company Email address) and password. 
    (info) Your administrator needs to have this set up for you as part of the Installation and Upgrades process.
  2. Depending if you're setup as local AD tenant or with Azure, the login method varies slightly
    → If your account is locally managed (e.g. an on-premise Active Directory account), use the Login button
    → If your account name is an Email address and gets recognized as Azure / O365 account, the Login form changes and enables a "Sign in With Microsoft"  Button
  3. After the logon process the User Interface of Team Manager is shown