The 'Reporting' page is presented as a dashboard with three widgets: Call Volume, Statistics and Service Time of day Heatmap

(lightbulb) A System Administrator has permissions to view the statistics of all teams while Team Administrator only for the team he administrates.

Team List and Search

Reporting data will always be shown per TeamService, so there is a possibility to switch between the teams using the list with a search field.


(info) Only Enabled (Activated) teams are present in the list are ordered alphabetically

Download Team Data Option

In addition to the 4-month CSV report download per team you can now download a comprehensive 4-month report for all teams. The CSV can be used with Power BI.

Download quarterly reports directly via the Frontend (last 3 months + current)


The counter displays information about the last time the data was synchronized and when the next automatic synchronization will take place. Refresh of data happens automatically every 10 minutes or can be manually triggered by the user upon clicking'Refresh Now' button.

Statistics Widget

Shows the amount of calls for the last 24h as volume. This means it displays as area chart the calls which happened, when they occurred and how long they took. The data is kept in UTC and shown on Web-browser in current time zone.

Call Volume widget

The "Statistics" widget is presented as a table divided into 3 lines according to modalities, which helps to perform a DB Lookup with a set parameter in a clean and easy way. Each value has a description hint on hover.

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Answered Calls last hour

Inbound Direct Calls Today (only accepted direct calls today from Customer to Agent).

Answered IM last hour

Lost Calls last hour

Outbound Direct Calls Today (only accepted direct calls today from Agent to Customer).

Lost IM last hour

Total Calls Today

Internal Calls Today(only accepted direct calls today from Agent to Agent)

Total IM today

Users with calls today (Number of unique users which handled service Calls)

No. of Team-Voicemails left today

Users this day (Number of unique users which handled service sessions with IM)

Avg. Call Duration Today

Avg. Duration of Direct Calls today

Avg. IM Duration today

Service Time of Day Heatmap

Service Time of day Heatmap widget

The "Service Time of day Heatmap" widget shows the accepted and lost service conversations of the week on a heat map per day and time of day. It always uses the data for the current week and shows the number of accepted calls in one color and the number of lost calls per hour of day and per day in a different color.

Control Name





Name of the week day.
The current day is displayed in the bottom of the chart. The days of the previous week are displayed above it.
The y-axis rolls everyday up, so that a new day is shown in the bottom.



It always displays the working hours. If there is a conversation outside these hours, it displays these columns (and following/preceding empty ones if any) as well.



Offers the ability to switch to an alternative view that shows the IM conversation in the same manner as Calls.



Offers the ability to see the summed up per weekday and hour data for

  • 1 week (default)
  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks
  • 8 weeks