"Team Choice" is a functionality that allows team members to select their team "Active" state by themselves for all Teams they are a member of. Team Choice appears when the feature is enabled for select services (see below). Team members will then see the controls in the User Interface after logging in and visiting the "Home" Tab. 

Important to know

A team administrator may choose to override this activity status his team members by toggling the "Active" state within the Team Members Tab at any time. The activity status toggle is always synchronized with the user's individual "Team Choice" in the "Home" tab.


A System Administrator is able to define per team if members of a teamservice will have Team Choice functionality active or not. It is possible to set the 'Team Choice Enabled' flag in Advanced Settings section in the following cases:

'Activated Teams' page – 'Service Details' tab

Team Choice is "TeamType" reliant 

The team choice feature only available to 'TeamServiceOnly' and 'TeamServiceAndCallGroup' team types. (info) Also see → Team Management.
'Team Choice Enabled' flag can be also set in TM-Configurator – Teams Tab as illustrated below.

  • Disabling the Team Choice feature will not hinder the ability for team members to receive calls.
  • Enabling the Team Choice Feature has an immediate effect on what the User Interface is showing to team members. 

(warning) When all teams have the choice option disabled, team members cannot log into the Frontend as there is nothing to configure for them anymore.