CIC - Customer Infrastructure Connector requires AD flags EnableAdTeamSync and EnableAdTeamSyncActivatedTeamsOnly are switched Off (AD Sync disabled) in TM Configurator before a new item 'Users'  appears in Frontend.

Add User

By clicking the menu item the 'Users' page is opened. The page is presented as a list of existing in TM users, '+Add new' button and user details table with two tabs: User Details, Team Membership.

User Details tab opens upon clicking on a user in the list and allows to change user's details or remove the user from the system.

'User Details' tab

'Team Membership' tab is presented as a table with the list of specific teams to which the user belongs and allows managing Team Administrator permissions.

'Team Members' tab

Changing Team Membership

Changes that are made on 'Team Membership' tab appear on 'Activated Teams' page. 

To add a new user to the system, System Administrator should press '+Add new' button and fill in all the mandatory fields with valid data and click 'Save' button.
It is also possible to start typing user's info in a 'Search' field to have all fields filled automatically.
If data is correct, then the user appears in the list.

Adding new user on 'User Details' tab