(info) This table is just an historic excerpt. Head to the Release Notes for an in-depth look into new features.

VersionRelease DateContents


  • New Management tools for continuous Service monitoring
  • Standby Duty support for standalone Opening Hours
  • Re-Assignable OU during import/export of Workflow Instances / Structures
  • Added Callhandling options for Outbound / Conversation-As / Callback sessions
  • SMD - Option to disable Direct Chat Tracking (exclude from UI and Reporting)
  • Smarter License Expiry / License change "on-the-fly" application
  • PrivateLine URI configurable for Team Members
  • Frontend - Added Flag "Show Away as Offline" to the Users page


  • Team Choice only for Team Admins 
  • Tenant Admin Extended
  • API - Callhandling options (Transfer, Hold, ...) for outbound/conversation-as/callback sessions
  • API - Extend methods to support more identifiers (ID, UPN, SIP, etc..)
  • Avatar synchronization via MS Graph
  • Log4Net Security Update of components

  • Support of Outbound Calls to services with DTMF input, proper error handling 
  • A new role "TenantAdminExtended" has all rights as sysadmin has for "Activated Teams" and "Add Teams"
  • New Flag "Show Away as Offline" on the users page 


  • Impersonate Incoming Service (Team) on Transfer
  • Configure Transfer behavior per Service / Team 
  • Reporting Changes
  • Create Empty DB Script  
  • Adjust times for Mail Sending. The list of retry delays was changed.
  • Team Members who didn't accept a call don't get a missed call notification for broadcast calls

  • New Tenant Layer support
  • Frontend Multi-Tenancy selection
  • Standalone Opening Hours Configuration
  • API Improvements
    • API Keys now with RBAC Support
    • Call As (Impersonation)
  • Workflow Changes. Switch between placeholder audio and TTS in Frontend
  • New Reporting Features (Team Data Option)
  • Reporting Data Changes