Attendant Settings

Customize contact groups for easier access

Attendant can be customized to your needs by accessing the settings, right next to the search field.

Access to Attendant Settings

💡 Settings are stored for your currently logged-in user and will not affect other Attendant Console users.

Contact Groups

Within settings you can define Contact Groups. These allow you to define which groups of users you want to be shown below the Contact Search field. 💡 The default "Favorites" group can also be hidden from within this dialog.

A contact group of users

Creating a Group

✅ To create your own Contact Groups, perform the following steps: 

  1. Click on Settings (next to the Search field)
  2. In the "Contact Groups" Area, click on “Create” 
    Creating a new Contact Group and searching for users
  3. Define a new Name for your Group, as it should later appear in the list.
  4. To add users to your group, click on "Add" → A search field opens. 
  5. Start typing to search for users and click on their names to add them
  6. Within the "Users" area, rearrange the order of users via the handles as you want them to appear within your group. 
  7. Finish with "Create" to add your new Group → The entry will immediately show in Attendant.


  • Please note that empty groups (with no users) will not be shown.
  • You can have a maximum of 10 groups of 50 users each.

You can search and narrow down users also by supported fields.

Show supported search fields

INC Supported User Search Fields

Required Permissions

User.Read.All permissions must be granted to use this feature. As a Tenant Admin, head to the Nimbus Portal > User Preferences > Permissions "Tab" > Advanced Search and manage consent for your entire tenant. Read Required User Permissions for more details.



✅ Fields are supported by search.
🔍 Fields additionally support "CONTAINS" as search operator. Example: Searching for 'cha' will not only find 'Chadwick' but also 'Michael' 
➕ These fields support Filter capabilities which can be used to narrow down a contact search in Attendant Console.

☝ KNOWN LIMITATION: The search covers the predefined Nimbus Address Books fields, but no custom-fields can currently be searched. We are working to gradually alleviate this situation and make the search experience more consistent.

Searchable Field Nimbus   
Address Books
Tenant Directory
(User Address Book)
Id       Nimbus internal entity ID
External.Id       ID the system where the entry was imported from.
Display Name ✅ 🔍 ✅  ✅ 🔍 Firstname / Lastname combination
Given Name   ✅    First name
First Name ✅ 🔍     First name
Last Name ✅ 🔍     Last / Family name
Initials ✅ 🔍     Initials (e.g. "JK")
Surname   ✅    Surname
Mail ✅ 🔍 ✅  Email Address
User Principal Name ✅ 🔍 ✅    Consists of: user name (logon name), separator (the @ symbol) and domain name (UPN suffix)
Job Title ✅ 🔍 ➕  ✅ ➕ ✅ 🔍 ➕ Job Title
Business Phones ✅ 🔍     Business Phone
Home Phones ✅ 🔍      Home Phone
Mobile Phones ✅ 🔍     Mobile Phone
IM Address ✅ 🔍     IM SIP Address
Street ✅ 🔍     Streed Address
City ✅ 🔍 ✅ ✅ ➕   Code and City
Company ✅ 🔍 ✅   ✅ ➕ ☝ Company 
Country ✅ 🔍 ➕ ✅ ➕   Country of Origin
Department ✅ 🔍 ➕ ✅ ➕ ✅ ➕ ☝ Department
State ✅ 🔍 ➕ ✅ ➕   State
Postal Code ✅ 🔍     Postal Code
Picture, binary       User Picture
External.CustomField1-10       Custom Field








Managing Groups

✅ You can manage your existing Contact Groups as follows:

  1. Click on Settings (next to the Search field)
  2. In the "Contact Groups" Area:
    1. Via the handles sort Contact Groups as you want them to appear. 💡 Favorites must remain on top.
    2. Via the eye-icon, change a group visibility.
    3. Via "Edit / Delete" icon you can edit or remove your existing groups. 💡 Favorites cannot be deleted or renamed.
  3. Note as your changes are immediately reflected in the background.
  4. Finish your choice with "Close"

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