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03 June 2024 - 1.94 Release Notes

🔖 This is a major feature update, bringing many new changes and options into Nimbus. This update will be rolled out sequentially on our clusters: 

Cluster Update on
United Kingdom 01 / Switzerland 02 03.06.2024
Switzerland 01 / Germany 02 04.06.2024
Germany 01 05.06.2024

Added the possibility to accept Instant Messaging tasks via deeplink from within Assistant, My Sessions and Attendant Console. This option now works when users are part of a service (queue), which will provide links to directly jump into the chat with the customer.

"Open Chat" button in Assistant
Open chat from within “Attendant Console"
Open chat from within “My Sessions”

💡With this update, the Nimbus Chat Bot registration on User Preferences (Portal) – is now an optional requirement. It is only necessary when users are not directly associated with a Nimbus Service. When using Interact for a direct-to-user approach, a Nimbus bot registration is still required so Nimbus can post Adaptive Cards.

Interact itself is still a requirement for customers to interact with either Nimbus services and users from outside.


Related KB Changes:

More “Off Duty” Responsibility Profiles

  • Added the possibility to create more than one “Off Duty” Responsibility Profile.
  • Additional Off Duty profiles are handled the same way as the system's default Off Duty profile.
“Off Duty” toggle during Responsibility Profile creation


Assignment in User Profiles Administration

☝Note: Once created, it is not possible to convert any existing Duty Profile to On Duty or Off Duty, as this would create mismatches in the Nimbus Reporting Model. → If you want to change an existing profile, you need to replace it with a new entry and assign it to your users.

Unchanged behavior: If users have any (new or existing) Off Duty profile assigned, they are not considered for skill-based routing.

As a reminder: The Duty State (On Duty / Off Duty) of the Responsibility Profile is shown in:

Example: Currently “Active” Duty Profile shown in User Administration

Elimination of Outbound Call Delay

In order to avoid having issues with audio delay when establishing an outbound call between agents and customers, the new improved approach of inviting outbound targets can be enabled by Luware Support for tenants.

For this, two read-only feature toggles were added to Extensions Tenant Settings:

  • If disabled, the old approach is used (audio delay for participants).
  • If enabled, the improved approach is used (audio delay removed).

✅ This new approach of inviting outbound targets can be enabled per tenant by Luware Support, but requires testing on your Tenant as Microsoft has not yet rolled out dependent functionality globally for all MS Teams tenants.

  • Please contact your customer success representative to discuss enabling and testing this at an opportune time outside your business hours.
  • If this approach is not working on your Tenant, we suggest you to open a request with Microsoft directly to improve the situation in a timely manner.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Attendant Console:
    • Fixed a backend issue that prevented calls from being displayed in Attendant Console.
    • Related: New Attendant Console  logging option for users contacting support with technical issues. Slight rewording to User Preferences (Portal) > Logging section.
  • Nimbus Power Automate Connector - Added further field validations for User Custom Parameters as well as Nimbus System Fields and Parameters. When running flows that exceed the field size limitations, the Nimbus backend will show an error.
  • External Task - Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented a new External Task from showing up in Nimbus Assistant after terminating the current one.
  • RONA - Fixed an issue that flagged a user with RONA status even if they couldn't be added to the call due to technical issues.
    • Calls are now terminated with the reason “No Meeting Token” when the escalation fails and
    • The User and Service Session are reported as failed.
  • Opening Hours:
    • Fixed a weekly recurring period issue with periods ranging over a DST (daylight savings time) date.
    • Fixed an issue that caused changes on Opening Hours not being saved when editing them via drag and drop.
  • Workflow Activities - Fixed a length validation issue in the “Input Customer” activity.
  • Workflow Templates - Fixed an issue that prevented adding new activities on a locked workflow template.
  • The Instant Messaging toggle is now only shown for Contact Center licensed services to avoid confusion over the license dependency.
  • Updated the User Role (RBAC) Matrix from scratch, adding separate Reporting Roles and updating all related tables.
  • Tenant Administration - Fixed an issue that prevented showing the License Management page correctly.

Around the corner:

☝These feature are postponed as we prioritize infrastructure improvements in our current major updates. We do however still want to keep you informed about features dropping soon™. Knowledge Base pages will be provided in the coming weeks to explain and onboard into these concepts. 

💡As always our Release Notes will inform you as we roll out these changes in productive clusters.

Still pending: Power Automate Connector certification

The Nimbus Power Automate Connector should still be installed as “Custom” variant (and not from the store) until further notice.

We apologize for this delay, as certification and rollout are also reliant on Microsoft dependencies, including a currently ongoing Power Automate UI and design rework. This also has an impact on our Power Automate Use Cases and the scenarios described therein.

🔎 You can find a comparison between Custom Connector types and inform yourself ahead of time about the pending Connector Migration to the certified variant. We will inform as soon as the re-certification has been done and will provide updated documentation in our Knowledge Base.


On Invite: Multihoming support

With this update, we introduce Multihoming in the tenant administration, service provisioning and user management. We are working with selected customers to test and improve this feature before a wider rollout.



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