Example Routing Scenarios

Nimbus Services can be routed in various ways and get PSTN numbers assigned. In the following we cover some example scenarios to showcase mapping of PSTN licenses on your Nimbus services. Here all three go to the same Nimbus service (no differences in logic) so you don't need a separate Nimbus license for this input number if you just forward it to the Nimbus number on the Session Border Controller. 

Scenario 1: Simple Redirection

🔍 In this scenario your incoming phone numbers do not require require any sophisticated routing logic or individual announcements. You simply configure the routing to redirect the calls to a Nimbus Queue.

You set-up 4 PSTN numbers. Three of them are the ones communicated to customers. For instance

  • Number 1 - Customer Hotline English
  • Number 2 - Customer Hotline Spanish
  • Number 3 - Customer Hotline German

Then you need to provision a nimbus service and assign the 4th number to it.

  • Number 4 - Internal Contact Center Number (not communicated to the customer)

On the SBC you need to configure the redirections from Number 1,2,3 to Number 4.

The Nimbus service can check on the incoming phone number to determine how to greet the customer (in english, spanish or german). You can implement the call logic accordingly in the Nimbus workflow.

Attention: In this case, the Nimbus service doesn't know the call origin of the initial caller.

Simple Routing Scenario

Scenario 2: Sophisticated Call Logic

🔍 In this scenario your incoming phone numbers require sophisticated routing logic and individual announcements. Only three incoming numbers should be dialed in.

You set-up 3 PSTN numbers. They are all communicated to customers. For instance

  • Number 1 - Customer Hotline English
  • Number 2 - Customer Hotline Spanish
  • Number 3 - Customer Hotline German

 All of these hotlines have specific call logic where they need to transfer to a central contact center at some point.

The central contact center also is a Nimbus service but does not need to have a PSTN number assigned because it is never called externally.

The Nimbus service knows the origin caller number and can do things like a customer lookup in a central CRM.

Sophisticated Routing Scenario

Scenario 3: Combined Routing Scenario

🔍 In this scenario, two externally exposed phone numbers are called by your customers. It combines the possibilities of the previous scenarios.

You will need 3 PSTN numbers in this scenario. Two numbers are communicated to customers and can be called from the outside.

  • Number 1 - Refund Service Number
  • Number 2 - General Customer Hotline

The Refund Service number is a simple redirection to a Nimbus service that handles refunds of customers, whereas the general customer hotline is a Nimbus contact center service with call logic. The contact center suggests different topics in an IVR and routes calls accordingly.

  • Number 3 - Refund Service Team
Combined Routing Scenario

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