Recording Features

Learn about the key features of Luware Recording.

Integrated with Microsoft Teams and Azure
  • Luware Recording expands your communication strategy with Microsoft Teams by capturing compliance regulated conversations.
  • Luware Recording natively integrates into any Microsoft Teams by leveraging Microsoft Teams Compliance Policy based recording.
  • Luware Recording automatically synchronizes with Azure Entra ID reducing the operational overhead of compliance recording. 
Quick to Onboard
  • Once the Recording installation is complete, further users or groups can be added with ease, requiring minimal administrative intervention.
  • The Software as a Service (SaaS) model of Luware Recording interacts directly within the Microsoft Azure cloud, allowing you to scale up without performance issues or additional hardware requirements.
  • The Luware Recording user experience is the well known Verint Financial Compliance UI, allowing your employees to continue using their familiar compliance platform with minimal training effort.
Record Any Conversation
  • Luware Recording is capable of recording voice, video, screen/application sharing as well as Instant Messaging (chat) communications of the Microsoft Teams client. All conversation directions (PSTN inbound, PSTN outbound, internal, federated, conference) of a recorded user can be recorded.
Compliance Features
  • Luware Recording provides audible or visible indication that a conversation will be and is being recorded. With the announcement functionality, this can easily be configured in the Luware Recording portal.
  • Luware Recording incorporates a large range of compliance features provided by the underlying Verint Financial Compliance platform. These include Compliance Workflows, Advanced Reporting, start/stop/mute integration, granular role based access control configuration, Legal Hold, compliance case handling and more.
Sophisticated Compliance Search

Luware Recording provides more advanced search filters, such as

  • Time zone adjustment and time zone settings per user
  • Filter call records by any available metadata in the recorder
Cloud Storage
  • Customers bring their own Azure Storage containers to have full custody of their voice recordings. Only the recording metadata is stored within the Luware Cloud to enable customers to have efficient search and retrieval of recordings.
  • Customers requiring long term storage for compliance purposes have the possibility to configure secondary ‘cold’ storage for cost effective archiving of recordings after a certain period.
  • All recordings may be stored in the customer’s Azure tenant, encrypted according to industry standards. Customers have the option to bring their own encryption certificates, to guarantee maximum data security.


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