Direct Call Templates

Direct Call Templates are HTTP data handling requests methods sent out during specific trigger events. As their name implies they trigger on incoming direct calls to users.

Configuring Direct Call Templates

An Assistant direct call template consists of the following elements:

Item Description
Name Name of your template as it appears in lists and selections
Organization Units

Determines where this template will be visible.

💡 Depending on how deep in the OU structure you place the template, users from different Organization Units may (not) see or use this template.

💡 You can assign multiple templates to a user, so a mixture of OU-specific templates an "general" tenant wide ones is possible.

Description Description of your template, appears in the list of templates.


Item Description
Trigger Event
  • On Ringing - Performs the actions when the call is ringing
  • On Accepted - Performs the actions after you accepted the call.
Call Type

Peer to Peer

💡 Option is currently locked on this default.

Actions Data handling actions (HTTP requests with header and body) which get executed in order.

Call Origin

💡 These are "OR" concatenated, meaning that only one condition will need to apply to trigger the actions.

Inbound Internal Teams calls Calls from within the same tenant (e.g. your company domain)
Inbound External Teams calls Calls from outside your company domain.
Inbound PSTN calls Calls made via phone number.

✅ To take effect, the Direct Call template needs to be applied to individual users via the Assistant tab.

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