BI Permissions

✅ Connecting to your reporting data via the Nimbus API will request delegated user impersonation permissions from a user with tenant administrator privileges. The permission will be requested by either the Power BI Desktop application or by Power BI Online when trying to access your Tenant data for the first time

Requested Permission:

user_impersonation for the Luware Nimbus application

Application Uses Enterprise App Application ID
Power BI Desktop Microsoft Power Query for Excel a672d62c-fc7b-4e81-a576-e60dc46e951d
Power BI Online Power BI Data Refresh b52893c8-bc2e-47fc-918b-77022b299bbc
Power BI Application Information

💡 TENANT ADMIN This permission can be requested by individual users, or granted by a Global Administrator on-behalf of the whole organization (recommended).

Managing permissions for the "Power BI Data Refresh" Application

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