Power Automate Roles

Detail permissions for the Nimbus Admin UI

Revoked Role Limitation

If a User configures a Power Automate Flow for a service, but then loses permissions to configure such a flow (e.g. removed as Service Owner), the previously configured Power Automate Flows will still be triggered.

✅When changing service ownership we recommend you to check for leftover flows or use a global administrator to manage all your flow needs in a centralized fashion.

Power Automate Permissions   
(E = Execute)




Team / Service Owner

    Certified Connector Custom Connector Tenant OU User Service Team Member Skill-Based



Owner Owner Limited
Conversation Triggers - GetOnNewTasks E             E  
When a task changes state GetOnUpdatedTasks E             E  
Actions Update task UpdateTask E             E  
Add a new external task AddExternalTask E             E  
Remove an external task RemoveExternalTask E             E  
Address Books Actions Add a contact to an address book AddOrUpdateContact E E              
Update a contact in an address book - E E              
Empty an address book ClearContacts E E              
Get contact(s) from ana address book GetContacts E E              
Remove contact(s) from an address book RemoveContacts E E              
Outbound Service Calls Triggers When a scheduler entry changes state GetOnUpdated   
E             E E
Actions Schedule a new outbound call AddOrUpdate   
E             E E
Get all scheduler entries GetOutboundTasks E             E E
Update a scheduler entry - E             E E
Remove a scheduler entry Remove   
E             E E
Nimbus user roles with Power Automate access


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