Custom Connector

How to manually retrieve the Nimbus Power Automate custom connector

For Experts / Testing purposes only 

In near future the future the Nimbus Power Automate connector will be conveniently installed via Microsoft Store. 

The following content is meant is for power users that want to test upcoming (non-certified) Power Automate Use Cases on their Tenant. If you want to use the latest certified connector, refer to Nimbus Power Automate Connector instead.


Connector variants

Luware Nimbus uses  Microsoft Power Automate as an interface for the integration of third-party applications. The Nimbus Power Automate Connector comes in multiple variants. On this page we highlight the differences and in which case you should opt for a specific version.

Certified Connector

The advantage of the certified connector is that it is directly available in Microsoft in the Power Platform without the need to be manually registered on the customer’s tenant. 

The certified connector is the stable and supported version and recommended for the use in production systems.

However, the release cycle is irregular, as recertification by Microsoft is required for each release.  

The certified connector can be directly retrieved (and updated) via the Microsoft Store. However, to test (pre-production) functionality on your Tenant you can download the connector manually from our Nimbus hosting source. → Read more further below.

Custom Connector

The advantage of the custom connector is that it contains the most recent updates. 

The Custom Connector is a preview version of new features to be released for Nimbus. It needs to be installed on the customer’s tenant and can be used for testing new features early on.  

However, the up-to-date version is experimental as it does not undergo any particular release cycle or the certification by Microsoft.

Nimbus Power Automate Connector variants in a nutshell

Connector retrieval

Both custom and “to be certified” connectors need to be manually downloaded and installed on your Tenant. We provide both a to be certified (v1) and custom (v0) connector for download.

🤔 What is the meaning of the different connector file paths below?

  1. ☝ Please note that these connectors are region-specific - determined during your first Nimbus service onboarding.
    1. If you don't know your Nimbus cluster region, log into your Nimbus Admin panel.
    2. Check the URL on your browser address bar to identify the region you are being redirected to.
  2. Refer to the URLs below to see which matches with your cluster region.
  3. Finally, check the table below. Replace the last part of the “File Path” column to retrieve the corresponding connector.

Nimbus Power Automate Connector URLs

Switzerland 01
Switzerland 02
Germany 01
Germany 02
United Kingdom 01
Nimbus Power Automate Connector URLs

☝Legacy (v0) Custom Connector users: Replace the v1 part of the URL with v0 to download the legacy connector (e.g. to Update your existing Connector) with new files. Note that the legacy connector will not receive feature updates anymore.

☝Migration note for all custom-installed connectors: You can install the v1 to-be-certified connector as Custom Connector. However, when using the certified connector from the Microsoft Store a Connector migration will be necessary in future for all existing custom connectors.




Version Audience File Path (to append to domain) Notes
Upcoming Connector (v1)

Customers that need latest development features in PowerAutomate and don't want/can't wait for the Certified Connector to be released.

Single Json



The Upcoming Connector is our to be certified version for testing purposes.

  • Documentation will not be available on the Microsoft store yet until certified.

💡 When to use:

We DO NOT recommend to use this connector for productive flows as last-minute (breaking) changes could occur.

A changeover to the officially Certified Connector still requires a manual migration of your flows.


Use this when you want to test upcoming preview functionality, which is not available on the Certified Connector yet.


You can install the “To be Upcoming Connector” in the same way as a Custom Connector → See Power Automate Connector IntroductionInstallation chapter


Custom Connector

(v0, Legacy)

Customers that already set up flows before March 2024




Customers that want to remain on existing features and want to delay the migration.

Single Json


The Legacy Connector was our existing way of providing integrations to Nimbus. It will receive bugfixes, but no new functionality.

  • Documentation on the connector will only provided in this Knowledge Base
  • Updates have to be done manually as described in Power Automate Connector Introduction → Installation chapters.

💡When to use: 

If you are already using the Custom Connector, continue to use the v0 version until you are ready to switch your flows using the certified connector.

☝ A changeover to the officially Certified Connector requires a manual migration of your flows.

Comparison of different Nimbus Power Automate connectors and when to use them

🤔 I got the connector files. How do I install them manually on my Tenant?

We have provided detailed steps on the entry page for our Nimbus Power Automate ConnectorInstallation → Custom Connector chapters.

🤔 I already have a connector manually installed on my Tenant. How do I update it?

Refer to Update your Nimbus Power Automate Connector. Note that these steps are required whenever an update or replacement of your connector files is necessary.

🤔 What are the technical differences between the Custom and Certified Connector?

Naming conventions of Flow Actions, Trigger Events  and related System Fields and Parameters will have different naming conventions between the connectors. Flow / Trigger actions are also split up differently, making the connectors incompatible. The change was necessary to meet Microsoft certification standards while also allowing more flexibility as Nimbus will provide more means of Task Distribution and supported modalities in future. 

 🤔Can I switch my existing flows to a different connector?

Only a Microsoft store-installed flow can be updated automatically. Any existing flows that don't use the store-installed Certified Connector need to be manually migrated. This is due to how connectors are authenticated on your Tenant, each using their own actions and triggers with changed data structure. We are continously looking into ways to make a migration as seamless as possible, but manual effort (and testing) of existing flows cannot be avoided.

 🤔 What if I can't switch from the Custom Connector yet?

Don't worry! Your legacy Custom Connectors will continue running, but will not receive new feature updates, just essential bugfixes and improvements. We will communicate reliances and future update paths via our Latest Release Notes and provide advance communication via Customer Success and Support teams respectively. 

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