Uninstalling Nimbus


Please note that Nimbus removal is a 2-staged process and must be done within your Teams client.

  • TEAM OWNER Team Owners can trigger the Nimbus removal process via the Nimbus tab. At this point the team is already "Suspended" → More details below.
  • TENANT ADMIN Administrators trigger the complete removal via the provisioning script. Until this is done the team can be restored if needed.

Please contact your Nimbus customer success specialist. They will guide you through the steps below.


Mark a Nimbus team for removal

TEAM OWNER There are two ways to remove Nimbus from an existing team in your Teams Client: 

Remove Nimbus tab only

  • Nimbus will continue running in the background and the bot will receive and distribute calls among team members.
  • Direct access to the Reporting and Settings features is still possible by opening Nimbus in your browser.

🤔 Did you accidentally remove the Nimbus tab?

A removed Nimbus tab can easily be re-added via MS teams:

  1. Within your team channel, click on "Add Tab".
  2. Search "Nimbus" and Confirm.
    💡In this case the process will be shorter as team detail provisioning is not necessary anymore.

Remove Nimbus completely

  1. Right-click on the Nimbus tab and select "Remove Nimbus completely".

2. The following will occur:

  1. The team will be suspended in the Administration of Nimbus.
  2. Incoming calls won't be distributed among agents anymore.
  3. Callers will hear the announcement that the service is not functioning anymore.
  4. From here on, handling will be done by the customer success team → Read the next step.


TEAM OWNER When completely deleting a channel from your Teams Client, the Nimbus tab and team association is also removed. 

Keep in mind that: 

  • Registered PSTN numbers may still be in effect, but...
  • ... no users may take the service call under that number, as the team members are not part of Nimbus call distribution anymore.
  • ... within the Service Administration the team will be shown with the status it was before channel deletion (e.g. Running or Suspended). Users may still appear associated to the team until the team is fully removed.

To fully remove the team a TENANT ADMIN needs to mark the team for deletion and run the provisioning script once more → this removes all service-related entries from Azure and frees potential licenses used by that team.

Make sure to also check for PSTN licensing and reroute your existing service numbers. You might want to look at our Use Case - Routing unassigned numbers to Nimbus.


Removing the Service in the Admin Portal

If you are sure about the removal, please send the removed service name to your customer success specialist. They will remove the service entry from Service Administration.
Tenant administrators can carry out this step in the Admin Portal > Services page.

→ Your team will remain in "Suspended" state until this step is performed.

Running the provisioning script

TENANT ADMIN This step needs to be performed by a Tenant Administrator or Global Admin.

  1. Run the Provisioning Script (see Provisioning via Microsoft PowerShell for details on the script itself).
  2. Confirm the newly found service changes (Team Removal).
  3. The team should now be removed completely.
  4. ✅ At this point the removal is complete.

The states (from top to bottom) are as follows:

  • UNCOMPLETED - Provisioning has started. A new service has been created in Nimbus database, but also needs to registered in Microsoft Azure. 🔍 See Nimbus Installation
  • SERVICES APPLIED - The provisioning is completed and the service is ready to be called. Nimbus will distribute calls among the service and log them for reporting statistics.
  • SERVICES RUNNING - A service has been called and calls have been recorded in the Nimbus database.
  • PSTN APPLIED - A service is now reachable via PSTN. 🔍 Numbers require a phone licence to be requested from Microsoft.
  • PSTN RUNNING - A service has been called via PSTN and calls have been recorded in the Nimbus database.
  • SUSPENDED - A service user has opted to "remove Nimbus completely" from the services tab. → After 30 days the corresponding Nimbus service will be "pending deletion"
  • PENDING DELETION - services that have exceeded "suspended" time or have been removed by a tenant administrator will be pending for deletion. Once de-registered from Azure the services will be removed permanently.

Legend of Service provisioning states in the Admin panel:

Removing the Nimbus App from your Tenant

TENANT ADMIN In case you want to remove Nimbus App from within your Tenant, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on "Apps
  2. Select "Build for <Your Company Name here>"
  3. Locate the Nimbus App
  4. Click on "..." and select "Delete".

Permanently remove all Nimbus data from your Tenant

TENANT ADMIN Get in touch with your Nimbus support partner to discuss the removal of your account data. If you are not with a support partner, you can contact Luware support directly.

PARTNER ADMIN Contact your Luware Customer Success Manager to remove the tenants from your partner account.

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