✅ This is a Enterprise Routing Feature.

Tags can be used to describe a call session with further descriptive labels. You can combine them with Codes want reflected in your historical reporting. 

🔎Read our Nimbus Power BI Template Overview to learn how Tags are reflected in the historical reporting.

Usage of Tags

✅ Tags can be defined directly in the My Sessions UI without any prior configuration needed. Simply locate an open session and add the tags you need.

Indicator of an open Session allowing for Tags to be added

Notes on Tags

  • Tags will be suggested from previous sessions. The more Tags users added and defined, the longer the list of suggestions will be. Simply start typing to narrow down the choices.
  • Tags have no technical technical dependency. You can define freely decide how you name them. They will re-appear in the Power BI Template > Primary / Secondary Codes area.

Please Note: Saving finalizes a session for Reporting

Note that once applied and saved, Tags in a session cannot be changed anymore.


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