Update Nimbus Power Automate Connector

Learn how to update an existing Nimbus Power Automate connector

🤔 When do I need to update the connector? In rare cases, our development makes changes to the Nimbus Connector in Power Automate. If the Release Notes state any changes to the connector (e.g. by adding new actions and triggers) you should perform an update.

  1. Retrieve the latest set of connectors from your region:

INC Nimbus Power Automate Connector URLs

Switzerland 01 https://portal.luware.cloud/api/manifests/v0/PowerAutomateConnector.json
Germany 01 https://portal.dewe-01.luware.cloud/api/manifests/v0/PowerAutomateConnector.json
Germany 02 https://portal.dewe-02.luware.cloud/api/manifests/v0/PowerAutomateConnector.json
UK 01 https://portal.ukso-01.luware.cloud/api/manifests/v0/PowerAutomateConnector.json
Nimbus Power Automate Connector URLs

✅ Make sure to configure your web proxies to allow access to these domains or whitelist the complete *.luware.cloud domain.

💡 You can find out your region by logging into Nimbus Portal / Admin and see how the URL changes.

  1. Open Power Automate (https://make.powerautomate.com/) and unfold Data > Custom Connectors
  2. Select your Nimbus Connector from the list.
  3. Click on the context menu (three dots) at the end of the line. 
  4. Select “Update from OpenAPI file”.
  5. Click the "Import" button and select the configuration file. (The file will be provided to you by our CSS staff upon request)    
  6. Finally click “Continue” → ✅ The connector is now updated. 


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