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TEAM OWNER - User Service Settings are available to team owners, visible for any MS-Teams based Service Type. In here your users, their User Roles and set the "Active" state for your entire service team.

🔍 Skill-based services will show an Agent Service Settings tab instead.



User Settings on a MS-Teams based service

General Settings

Setting Description
Default Team Owner Role

Determines which User Roles a user is granted once he joins the team.

💡 This field is read-only. To change this you need to access the service settings via Service Administration.

Team member can change the active state

Allows or disallows team members to change their active state. 

💡 Team owners and users with the "Workflow Admin Limited" role assigned to them can still change the active state of all team members via the service settings page.


Setting Description  

💡 This field is read-only. Users are auto-synced via MS-Teams.

  • To correct user details you need to access User Administration.
  • Name and UPN are both fixed and in sync with your user directory. To change these fields, you need to contact your tenant 

💡 This field is read-only. The User Role Permissions must be adjusted via Service Settings > "Users" Tab by an administrator.

  • When enabled the user receives Nimbus calls via this service. 💡 Note that the user must be in a User State that Nimbus considers as "Selectable".
  • When disabled, no service calls will be distributed to this user, regardless of their User State.

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