Use Case - Showing a Dynamic List of Ticket Links in Nimbus Assistant

Allow agents to view a list of the caller's tickets in the Call Context info tab in Nimbus Assistant.

This use case describes how to build a "CustomContextParameters" array dynamically based on a collection of tickets of a caller. Agents want to see a list of tickets of the caller in the call context Info Tab of Nimbus Assistant.


  • You need to build a caller identification flow first (→ see step 1 below).
  • In our example we use Dynamics 365 to identify tickets behind a caller contact, but you can of course substitute this with your system, as long as it can be integrated with MS Flow.

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Create the Flow

Create a new Power Automate flow which identifies a caller as a customer in your system and updates the Nimbus task.
✅ Our example is based on the flow described in Use Case - Looking up a caller to open Dynamics 365 contact context.

✅ You can continue editing the same flow in the steps below.

Build the CustomContextParameters

Edit your flow created in step 1. We now want to find open tickets of the customer in Dynamics and add each ticket with its link to the Custom Context Parameters of the Nimbus object.



In your Power Automate Flow, add an Initialize variable element with

  • Name = "CustomContetxParameters".
  • Type = Array

to the flow.

💡 This variable will hold all Custom Context Parameters as a json.

Next are the parts to retrieve and process the context information. In our example, we are getting open tickets for the calling customer, which gets stored as a list. As the amount of list entries can vary, the content of the CustomContextParameters array is dynamic.

While iterating through the list of open tickets we update the variable CustomContextParameters using the Append array to variable element

In our example, the name of the CustomContextParameter will be the ticketnumber and the value the link to the ticket.

"name": "#@{items('Apply_to_each_2')?['ticketnumber']}",
"value": "@{concat(variables('BaseUrl'), items('Apply_to_each_2')?['ticketurl'])}"

Further down the flow, we can add additional values to the array, using the same notation further "Append to array variable" element.

💡 In our example the DynamicsContactId can be substituted with any other field of your choice.

IMPORTANT: In the next UpdateTask Element of the Nimbus Connector, choose "Switch to input entire array" to update the CustomContextParameters variable with your newly created array of information.

→ You willl now see a different input field. Simply assign the CustomContextParameter variable to it.

Test Your Flow

Finally, when a customer calls who can be identified by the flow and has tickets, agents will see the dynamic content in Nimbus Assistant, on the Info Tab.

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