Attendant - Session Hold via Call Park

During an ongoing call in Attendant Console the possibility to "Park" a user into an On-Hold state. 

The scenario is handled as follows: 

Park a caller Session

  1. A customer calls and you either pick up the call or get it distributed to you automatically.
  2. You as the attendant have an "Active" caller and press "Park"

    → The following results will occur:
    1. On-Hold music is played for the caller (Customer). 💡 This music can currently not be changed.
    2. Customer and Attendant user cannot hear each other anymore
    3. The parked call is shown in your Nimbus "My Sessions" personal dashboard to remind you of this status.
    4. In the Nimbus Service Dashboard the call will show as "parked".

Unpark Call

When you press Unpark → the following things happen:

  1. Wait music is stopped for the caller. Your session is resumed. 
  2. You may now handle the caller as described in scenario Attendant - Safe Transfer or end the call and handle the next caller.

💡 You can also directly end (terminate) a parked call session. This will immediately free you up for the next call. ☝ However note that the previous caller will not get any prior notification - the music and call just ends for them.

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