Speech Recognizers

Speech Recognizers are a piece of software that transcribes audio to text.  You can create and configure Speech Recognizers in Configuration > Virtual Assistants > Speech Recognizers.

🤔What do I need Speech Recognizers for? Speech Recognizers are needed for Live Caption & Transcription features and for voice input analysis in the Workflow Activity Input Customer (Advanced).

INC Azure Billing Cognitive Services


The usage of Standard Azure AI Services will cause Azure Cognitive Services costs. These costs are determined by Microsoft. Also see: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/cognitive-services/speech-services/

  • Please note that Nimbus support does not cover pricing discussions or make recommendations based on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Configuring Speech Recognizers

A Speech Recognizer consists of the following elements:

Item Description
Name Name of your speech recognizer as it appears in lists and selections.
Organization Unit Determines where the speech recognizer will be available.

The type of the speech recognizer. The default type is Standard Azure AI Services.

💡 This field is currently locked and can't be changed.

Region The region used for your speech services. For more details, see Speech service supported regions.
API Key The API Key of your speech service. 
Multilanguage If toggled on, multiple languages can be selected for the speech recognizer.

Selected language for the speech recognizer to recognize.

💡If no language is selected, the language will be auto-detected.

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