An overview of the Transcription and Live Captioning features.

INC Beta Feature

This feature is in BETA status. Functionality, design and scope may still change significantly over time.

Enterprise Routing Contact Center

The Transcription feature enables live captioning and voice transcription for calls. It uses speech to text (STT) technology for converting spoken words into written text. When enabled, the Transcription feature appears as a widget in My Sessions.

Transcript widget in My Sessions. If there is no transcript for a session, the message “No transcript is available for this interaction” is shown.

INC Azure Billing Transcription


The usage of the Transcription feature will cause additional monthly ACS costs. The costs are determined by Microsoft. Also see

  • Before enabling the Transcription feature, get in touch with your Luware Customer Success specialist to discuss terms, usage scenarios and necessary setup procedures.
  • Please note that Nimbus and Transcription support does not cover pricing discussions or make recommendations based on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

INC Transcription Preconditions


  • Enterprise Contact Center The service needs to have an Enterprise or Contact Center license assigned in order to use the Transcription feature.
  • Your tenant needs to have available Transcription licenses in Licenses Tenant Settings.
  • As an Administrator, you need to set up the speech service in Azure and note down the API key. The API key needs to be added in the Nimbus settings.
    💡Note that the usage of the Transcription feature will cause additional monthly ACS costs.
  • As an Administrator/Team Owner you need to enable Transcription in Service Settings > Virtual Assistants and add it as widget via Extension Service Settings.
  • Each user that wants to use the Live Caption/Transcription feature needs to have a Transcription license applied. This is done by an administrator in General User Settings.

Live Caption

Live captions are audio transcriptions generated real-time during call sessions. When a call is accepted, a bot is invited to the call in order to start the audio transcription of the session. As a user, you see your spoken conversation with the caller in the Live Caption widget. Live Caption is only visible during ongoing calls.

Ongoing Live Captioning process

When the call session is ended, the live caption is saved as a transcript. If you have an ACW configured for the service, you get the following message while the transcript is being saved: "Your transcription is currently being processed and will be shown shortly". Once the final transcription is available, it appears in the Transcription widget and you can use it for your after call work.

The final transcript generation may take a moment

Transcripts are audio conversations converted into text. You can access your conversation transcripts by clicking on a session in My Sessions. If available, the transcript of the session is then opened in the Transcript widget.



INC Transcription Troubleshooting

Not seeing any transcripts in the Transcript widget can have several causes. The following table lists error messages and explains why they are shown.

Message 🤔 Why do I see the message?
No transcription is available for this interaction. There was no transcription generated for the selected conversation.
No transcription is available for this interaction. 
Task was not accepted.
The selected call was not accepted and therefore there is no transcribed conversation.

Transcription not available.

User Transcription License missing.

The user doesn't have a Transcription License assigned. Transcription Licenses can be assigned to users in Users > General User Settings > Licenses.

Known Limitations

INC Transcription Limitations


MS Teams native transfers during a transcription session. In a group call (with customer, user and Nimbus bots), the Teams client currently cannot automatically distinguish between the Nimbus transcription bot and calling customer.
→ Workaround: If you want to transfer a session with active transcription enabled, you need to use Attendant Console as it allows Nimbus to steer all group participants individually, e.g. in a Attendant - Safe Transfer or scenario.


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