Data Privacy Tenant Settings

In this tab you can configure user-related data privacy settings

On Data Privacy Settings and restrictions

Certain Settings in this section may be visible/restricted to Luware and Partner administrators as defined per User Role (RBAC) Matrix

If you need to change Data Privacy settings described on this tab but are unable to do so, consult with your support partner or Luware directly.

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Option / Element Description
Allow Partner to see User Identifiers

Determines if the partner is able to see Nimbus user (team member) clear names.

  • When enabled, the full user names are shown.
  • When disabled, Nimbus users will be shown anonymized with asterisk * placeholders.
Allow Partner to see Customer Identifiers

Determines if the partner is able to see Nimbus calling customer identifiers.

  • When enabled, the full customer identifiers are shown.
  • When disabled, Nimbus calling customers will be shown anonymized with asterisk * placeholders.
Persist User States in Reporting

Contact Center This feature can be enabled Tenant-wide, but mainly makes use of Contact Center service features for reporting.

With this feature active, User States are tracked and added as part of the Nimbus Reporting Model , and exposed via the Nimbus OData interface.

  • When enabled, data becomes visible in Power BI reports (User State Tab). ✅ You require a "User Supervisor" role to query these extended user details.
  • When disabled, existing User Presence State reports will be closed and no further entries are generated. 
    💡 Already existing data is not affected by this.

🤔 When to enable this? Tracking presence states can generate considerable amounts of personal user data. Aside from Power BI query performance considerations on a large userbase you need to consider privacy and EU GDPR compliance before enabling this feature.

🤔 What data is being tracked? User, User ID, Organization UnitResponsibility Profiles (User State), MS Teams Presence Status and all related event changes with timestamps and durations.

 Click to learn more about User States ...
Show User Time in State
  • When enabledUser State times are tracked and shown as "Time in State" within the Nimbus UI (e.g. in customizable and service Personal Dashboards, Widgets, etc.). The List of Services within the Service Administration also shows this column.
  • When disabled, the "Time in State" columns will not be shown in either Portal UI.
Data Retention Time

The time after which historical data is purged.

💡 The purge is completed within 24 hours after the data retention time has expired.


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