Interact Domain Templates (CORS)

A domain template define and restrict where the source code of the Interact contact panel can be integrated. Each Domain Template contains a list of whitelisted (allowed) domain URLs which may use Interact functionality and handle external (customer) requests.

Create new template

  1. Log into the admin portal as service owner / admin
  2. Head the Configuration > Interact
  3. To create a new template click on the "Create New" button on the top right corner.
  4. Fill in details as shown below

Domain template name.

💡 This is just for listings and menus within Nimbus and has no other effect.

Organization Unit The name of Organization Units assigned to the template

The number of URLs configured in a template.

💡 Think of this as a whitelist. You can add as many domains as you want.

Before using templates

Domain templates by themselves have no effect until you apply them to another entity, e.g. a user or service.


  • A user needs to be enabled / licensed for Interact within the User Administration before you can use Interact's domain templates.
  • Interact domain templates (CORS) are applied in Service Settings.
  • Only templates currently not in use can be removed.


  • Interact has certain javascript calling limitations in regards to operating systems and browsers. Refer to the official MSFT documentation.
  • Audio Video Calls initiated from Interact have the following workflow limitations:
Workflow Activity Limitations

Can only target services. Not supported targets are:

  • external
  • user
  • parameter
Queue "Pickup" distribution type is not supported.
Voice Message Not supported.
Customer Input Sending DTMF over Interact (Client/SDK) is not supported

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