Use Case - Using Example Direct Call Templates with HubSpot CRM

Create a call template to identify callers for direct calls, and pop the HubSpot contact URL of the direct caller on ringing.

This example shows how to create a call template to identify callers for direct calls and pop the HubSpot contact URL of the direct caller on ringing.


  • A service is set up
  • Nimbus Assistant is installed on the Agent's workstation
  • You've created an API key to query your HubSpot CRM
  • You have an admin account to access the Luware Nimbus Administration portal

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Create the Call Template

  1. Go to the nimbus admin portal and open Configuration > Nimbus Assistant > Direct Call Templates
  2. Create a new template and save. Then edit it again.
  3. You can now add actions to it.

Overview of the template


Set up First Web Request

The first action should identify the incoming call by phone number.

Create a new action of type " Web request ". 

On the General Tab set:

Body = 

 "filterGroups": [
 "filters": [
 "propertyName": "phone",
 "operator": "EQ",
 "value": "$(Caller.+TelNumber)"
 "properties": [

On the Headers Tab add the following headers:

  • Authorization:Bearer <Your API key>
  • Content-Type: application/json
On the Authorization Tab leave the authentication method at "None"

On the Response Tab set

  • Wait for response to TRUE and
  • Set the Wait timeout to 5 seconds.

Set Up Second Web Request

In the second step, we want to open the URL to the contact view in HubSpot using the first trigger response. 


Open the first trigger again and copy the trigger ID by clicking on the copy button.

✅ You will need this trigger ID in a step further down.

Create a new action of type " Web request ". 

On the General Tab set:

  • Name = Open HubSpot Contact View
  • HTTP Method = GET
  • Open in Default Browser = enabled

💡 Your selection will hide all the other tabs.

✅ Using the copied trigger id from the first web request set

URL ={{< copied trigger id from the first web request >.body.results[0].properties.hs_object_id}}

💡The hs_object_id holds the contact id from the HubSpot contact object.

Assign the Template to the Agent

  1. In the admin portal, go to User Administration > <Your agent's name> Click Edit → Assistant Tab [Agent
  2. Assing the new call template and save.

Test the Template

  1. Logout and login to Nimbus Assistant with the agent so that it can receive your newly created call template settings from the server.
  2. Verify that the test number calling your service exists as database entry in your HubSpot CRM.
  3. Drop a direct call to the agent's number from a PSTN line.
  4. On ringing at the agent, the screen should pop as defined in your Direct Call Templates.

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