By using Power Automate flows you can greatly extend the interaction range of Nimbus. Here are some example use cases that showcase the use of related Trigger Events, showcasing how to use Flow Actions to show and manipulate System Fields and Parameters within your flows:

Limited Support on Use Case Scenarios

Use Case contents listed on this page have been created as examples. Please note: 

  • Our documentation was created within the versions of 3rd party products (e.g. Salesforce, ZenDesk or other vendors) available to us. Your personal version or licensing type of 3rd party products may vary and change over time, resulting in limited or missing functionality.
  • Luware and Nimbus Support cannot guarantee that the example scenarios will work in every (future) customer scenario. Please consult with your 3rd party manufacturer if your product version supports the functions and interfaces mentioned in our Use Cases. 
  • Luware and Nimbus Support does not cover integration setup and administrative scenarios with any external systems mentioned in the documentation (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and other 3rd party manufacturers).
  • Luware does not provide support nor guarantee the executability of Use Cases in your environment.

→ Please ensure that you run your own internal testing before rolling out any large-scale integration into productive systems.

→ If you need further support for your Nimbus integration, please reach out to your account manager or customer success specialist.

(question) On which topics can I get support on?

(tick) Before you get started, ensure you are using MS Flow with a Nimbus user role that has Power Automate Permissions.