Agent Service Settings


Contact Center feature. Contact Center licenses are required both on the Service Administration and User Administration. Once enabled, the “Agents” view 

For Tenant Admins: The Permissions tab becomes visible in the Frontend when the Service type is set to Contact Center (skill-based distribution). Users  (Agents / Owners ) are assigned from the Admin UI assigned via Service Permissions.

User Skills and Levels need to be configured as assignable items first before they can be assigned to Agents. Refer to our Use Case - Setting up a Contact Center for a full walkthrough.

🔍 Note: Services of User assignment type "MS-Teams based" will show a “Users” tab instead. → See User Service Settings.

For Team Owner:  On the Portal the Agents tab becomes visible when your service has Contact Center Features enabled and users assigned as Agents.

A listing of Agents and Owners in a Service with corresponding editing options

Editing Agents

Any service owner can access the Agents tab to adjust the levels of Skills and Responsibilities of Agents assigned to that service. 

Active Profile

Acts as the equivalent to the toggle, available in the Assistant app.


Edit (Skills / Responsibilites)

Allows adjustment of Skills and Responsibilities for each User. 



Please be aware that profile edits on users have potential widespread effects:

  • Responsibility Profiles of Agents are considered by any skill-based service for the distribution:
    • If no skills are assigned or responsibilities change, the user may not be selectable for calls.
    • Changes immediately affect all services that the Agent is assigned to via role / permissions .
    • Skill and duty changes are made on the user itself. They are visible to other admins and service owners with view / edit permissions on this Agent.
  • Distribution Policies set in each service's Settings > Distribution tab will reflect Agent skill and responsibility changes immediately as the next call arrives.

💡 An example for skills / responsibility levels:

  1. An Agent is part of 3 services A, B and C but their skill levels currently allows distribution only according to the Distribution Policy set in service A.
  2. You decide to raise that Agent's language proficiency level. → Service B requires that level and will now consider the Agent as well.
  3. You do not need the responsibility and decide to deactivate it. → Service C's distribution policy however relies on it and will still not consider the Agent despite the higher skill level.
  4. The owner of service C will add a completely new skill to this Agent and reactivates responsibility at the same time. The next time you edit this Agent, can see this change reflected.

☝ Important: If you share Agents between multiple team owners, coordinate your changes to their skillsets and responsibilities. Refer to the Distribution Order page for more details.



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