Within resources you can add, manage and preview single audio files. These resources are used while Workflow Editing, either for announcements (see Workflow Activities) or as part of a playlist.

ūüĒćResources are Organization Unit specific, so you only see resources available on the tenant or your individual services.

Add resource


  • Recommended file format:¬†.wav, single-channel, 16-bit samples with a 16,000 (16KHz) sampling rate
  • Supported File formats:¬†wma, wav, mp3¬†
  • Recommended maximum size per file:¬†50MB

To add a new resource, click on the corresponding "Add New" button.

  1. Specify or change a name (will also be autocompleted when you upload a file → step 3)
  2. Assign a Organization Units to define which services will have access to the file.
  3. Upload a resource audio file

Delete Resource

Existing resources can only be deleted when not being used in a workflow or playlist. Otherwise the delete button will be greyed-out and show a mouseover-tooltip.

‚ėĚ Note that usage-entries might be hidden via a clickable "..." link, indicating that the resource is used in a lot more places than originally shown.

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