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Outside of Service Provisioning directly via MS Teams, services can also be created via the Administration UI.

IVR Services

IVR services are detached from the usual "Microsoft Teams-based" Nimbus services. Their user assignment is by default set to "None" and special rules apply:

  • Provisioning via Microsoft PowerShell steps are still required after adding the service. Otherwise it is not operable.
  • The service does not relate to any "MS Teams Team" and thus is not assigned to a channel or user list. The main purpose of such a service is call forwarding (e.g. an "IVR Service").
  • "Queue" Activities in Workflows are not allowed as they would would require assigned service users for call distribution. By default, an IVR Workflow Template is provided as a valid example. Workflows with "Queue" steps are omitted from the list.
  • Context and Extensions tabs (usually shown in Service Settings for Nimbus users) are hidden as there is nothing to handle or configure in that aspect.

 💡 All "Administration" user roles have the possibility to access and edit these type of services.

Creation of a new IVR service with no users (team) attached

Skill-based Services

Contact Center Skill-based services require a Contact Center license. Their user assignment is by default "Skill-based" and special rules apply:

💡 All "Administration" user roles and "service owners" have the possibility to access and edit these type of services.

Setting a service to Skill-based User Assignment Type.

🤔 What about Microsoft Teams-based services?
When creating a service via Service Administration, the User Assignment Type “Microsoft Teams-based” is not available as MS Teams-based services are created directly in Teams.
🔍 See Service Provisioning  for more information about MS Teams-based services.

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