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Widget Type Name Description User Service Owner Owner Limited Agent
Service Widgets

Service KPI Tile Shows a single service KPI for the selected services.  
Service KPI Tabular Shows Service KPI's per Service in a tabular view.  
Service KPI Chart Shows a single historical service KPI value of today for the selected services with comparative trend and graphical look back.  
Service KPI Comparison Chart Shows Service KPI's in a chart per Service for comparison.  
Service KPI Graph Shows Service KPI's aggregated for one or more services over time.  
Service Queue Tabular Shows the current tasks in queue for multiple services.  
Live Service Tasks Tabular Shows the current live inbound tasks for multiple services.  
Service Outbound Tasks Tabular Shows the current Outboundoutbound tasks for multiple services.  
Service External Tasks Tabular Shows a heatmap with task resolution information with historical data ranging back up to 4 weeks.  
Service Heatmap Shows the a Heatfor multiple services.  
Service Supervision Shows the current tasks for multiple services to supervise → See Dashboard Supervision  🔍        
User Widgets User State Tabular Shows the current user states in a tabular view.        
User State Chart Shows the current user states in a chart view.        
User Supervisor Tabular Allows supervisors to administrate users. → See Dashboard Supervision        
User Tile Shows a count of users matching your filter criteria.

Common Widgets Markdown Allows you to display formatted text and pictures on your dashboard through markdown syntax.
Date & Time Shows the current Date and/or Time.
Embedded Website Allows you to present external content/websites on your dashboard.


🔍 Service Supervisors which also act as Agents cannot engage in Supervision sessions while they have a call ongoing. 


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