Roles User Settings

The "Roles" tab allows you to inspect and assign (additional) roles to a particular user. It also provides an overview in which Organization Unit scope each individual role applies. 

🔍 Expand the table below for a full overview of all available roles permissions. Consult the User Role (RBAC) Matrix for more detailed information on the Nimbus access concept.

Good to know

  • Manual Role management is limited to Tenant Administrators or higher.
  • Tenant Administrators may act outside of the Organization Units restriction. Roles can be granted or removed from the Tenant Admin, but will have no effect in Nimbus to avoid locking that user out of any administrative tasks, e.g. not being able to access certain configurable data entities anymore, because the owning user has left.
  • Certain roles are granted automatically or outside of this tab's view, so the "Edit" or "Remove" buttons may not be shown for all entries.
The Roles tab listing various roles the user is acting in, and to wich Organization Unit they apply

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