Use Case - External Task in Combination with Nimbus Assistant

Create and assign a Service Call Template to your service in order to open My Sessions automatically for incoming calls.

In this use case, we're going to tackle External Tasks in combination with Nimbus Assistant. The goal is to open My Sessions automatically, so the external task can be handled.



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Create a Service Call Template

  1. Head to the Configuration > Service Call Templates and create a new Template
  2. Choose On Ringing as your Trigger Event
  3. In the Action section
    1. Click "Create" and select "Web Request"
    2. Enable "Open In Default Browser"
    3.  In the URL Field, provide a link to your Portal > My Sessions view: e.g.
  4. Save your action.
  5. As the Call Origin choose "Inbound External Teams Calls" and "Inbound PSTN Calls".
    OPTIONALLY you may also: 
    1. ... disable "Inbound Internal Teams Calls" and "Outbound Service Calls" to avoid that this action triggers unnecessarily often.
    2. ... fine-tune your use cases, e.g. by creating multiple actions triggering depending on the call origin.
      💡 Keep in mind that actions are executed in order.
  6. Finally, Save the Service Call Template.

Apply the Template to Your Service

  1. Switch to your dedicated Service > Select the Extensions Tab
  2. Assign the newly created Service Call Template under the Assistant area to the Service Call Templates Section


  • This configuration will assist your Users to get the My Sessions page open upon receiving a new incoming (external) task, where they can accept and/or decline it.
  • Note that this service call template does not distinguish between external tasks or any other call task. Every incoming service task in Nimbus is treated in the same manner, so the service call template will also trigger on "regular" incoming calls.
  • By using Direct Call Templates you can narrow down actions to individual users instead of the entire service → See Assistant User Settings.

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