Use Case - Waiting for a Parameter to be Updated via Power Automate

Learn how to bypass populating Nimbus data retrieved via slow/laggy third-party services.

This use case is a workaround to populating Nimbus data retrieved via slow/delayed 3rd party services.

While the incoming call enters the the Nimbus workflow triggering an update event in your Power Automate flow, an agent connects to the caller. When the response on the caller data is delayed, the caller information (e.g. in the My Sessions Tab) is empty, as the flow is still running.


If the UpdateTask element fails in this flow, we run into a loop within your Nimbus workflow. This means a call will not go into queue when your customer data system is unresponsive or the connector is set up incorrectly.


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Set Up Your Power Automate Flow

  1. In your flow, at the very end where you use the Nimbus UpdateTask to write data to the Nimbus object, you need to add a CustomField:
    • Name DataIsReady
    • Value = 1
  2. Make sure that the UpdateTask always executes, whatever the outcome of the previous element was:
    1. Go to the context options"..." 
  3. Set "Configure run after" to true for everything.

Change Your Nimbus Workflow

  1. In Nimbus, open the workflow of your service
  2. In your workflow editor, drag in a "Check Parameter" element, directly after "Accept Conversation".
    💡 This element will check on the value of the CustomField.
  3. Configure the element as follows ...
  4. ... then connect the outcomes (activity exits) to further workflow steps as follows:
    • No Match: → loop back to "Check Parameter"
    • Not set: → loop back to "Check Parameter"
    • Ready: move further in the workflow, in this case → into the "Queue" activity.
  5. Save the workflow. 

Test It

💡 You can test your configuration by inserting two announcements in between (at the looped "No Match / Not Set" exits).

Show me the Nimbus workflow example


Then test the following scenarios:

Expected Result
1 Turn Off PA Flow no match loop

Turn On PA Flow

CustomField value = 0

no match loop

Turn On PA Flow

CustomField value = 1

call goes into the queue
4 N/A not set loop
Check Parameter case scenarios - Case 4 does not apply as "not set" only checks on ContextParameters and not CustomFields.

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