Audio files for your announcements and playlists

Within resources you can add, manage and preview single audio files. These resources are used while Workflow Editing, either for announcements (see Workflow Activities) or as part of a playlist.

🔍Resources are Organization Unit specific, so you only see resources available on the tenant or your individual services.

Adding a resource


  • Recommended file format: .wav, single-channel, 16-bit samples with a 16,000 (16KHz) sampling rate
  • Supported File formats: wma, wav, mp3 
  • Allowed file size / lenght: Maximum of 20 MB size or 10 min lenght. 
    💡If you need to chain multiple files, please resort to using multiple Announcement, Play Music activities or use Playlists.

To add a new resource, click on the corresponding "Add New" button.

  1. Specify or change a name (will also be autocompleted when you upload a file → step 3)
  2. Assign an Organization Unit to define which services will have access to the file.
  3. Upload a resource audio file.

Deleting a resource

☝Existing resources can only be deleted white not being used in Workflows or Playlists. Otherwise the delete button will be greyed-out and show a mouseover-tooltip.  Note that entries might have a clickable "..." expanding section, indicating that the resource is used in additional places.

Resources in use have “Used in workflow” and “Used in playlist” entries and cannot be deleted.


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