ūüĒćContact Center¬†Service Type¬†feature.¬†RONA (Redirect On No Answer)¬†is a¬†"not selectable / available"¬†User State¬†for all type of services. A Nimbus user in MS Teams is given RONA status if they ignore a service call or do not answer it within a set period of time seconds.

ūüí° The RONA status ensures that the call doesn't get lost and is instead redirected back to the queue (or handled otherwise via the¬†Workflow). RONA is also tracked in the¬†Nimbus Reporting Model, and can be evaluated via¬†Power BI¬†OData interface.

ūüĒć This status does¬†not¬†apply when the¬†Distribution Type¬†in your¬†Queue Workflow Activity¬†is set to¬†"Broadcast", as it would otherwise flag entire batches of users with RONA status when a call doesn't reach them.

You can configure RONA as follows:

Element Description
Persistent RONA 
(toggle, default: disabled)

Adds a persistent RONA state to any Contact Center licensed users of that service when they fullfill either of the following criteria:

  • Decline a call from that service
  • Ignore a call invitation from that service

ūüĒćWhile in RONA status the user is considered as "Not selectable / Available" by Nimbus and will not receive further call invitations. ‚Üí See note below.

RONA Reset Time

RONA Reset Time (must to be specified)

  • hh:mm:ss format
  • Default 10min
  • Min 10 sec to Max 320 min (8h)



An already active RONA state can be reset as follows:

  • Automatically, after the specified¬†"RONA Reset Time"
  • Manually by the user via¬†Assistant¬†(both portal and standalone). An count-up timer shown next to a manual reset button.
  • When the user goes Offline in MS¬†Teams.
  • When the user switches to an¬†"Off Duty"¬†Profile.

ūüí° Changing the persistent RONA flag to false or changing the reset time will not have an impact on already set RONA states.



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