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As Nimbus gets more features and complexity added, our Knowledge Base will expand alongside with "Use Cases" that cover various aspects in a "step-by-step" fashion. Follow them to get a good understanding of the structure and concept behind Nimbus.


INC Use Case Support Disclaimer


Use Case contents listed on this page have been created as examples

🤔 What does this mean?

  • Our documentation was created within the versions of 3rd party products (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk or other vendors) available to us. Your personal version or licensing type of 3rd party products may vary and change over time, resulting in limited or missing functionality.
  • Luware and Nimbus Support cannot guarantee that the example scenarios will work in every (future) customer scenario. Please consult your 3rd party manufacturer to determine whether your product version supports the functions and interfaces mentioned in our Use Cases. 
  • Luware and Nimbus Support does not cover integration setup and administrative scenarios with any external systems mentioned in the documentation (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and other 3rd party manufacturers).
  • Luware does not provide support nor guarantee the executability of Use Cases in your environment.

→ Please ensure that you run your own internal testing before rolling out any large-scale integration into productive systems.

→ If you need further support for your Nimbus integration, please reach out to your account manager or customer success specialist.


🤔 On which topics can I get support on?


Note: This table is not comprehensive. For a full list, visit our Use Case Category

Name and Goal of the Use Case
Nimbus Installation UC NIMB 000
Use Case - Creating a Call Workflow UC NIMB 001
Use Case - Managing Caller Data in Sharepoint Lists UC NIMB 002
Use Case - Defining and using Codes UC NIMB 003
Use Case - Defining and using Conversation Context UC NIMB 004
Use Case - Setting up Interact UC NIMB 005
Use Case - Routing unassigned numbers to Nimbus UC NIMB 006
Use Case - Setting up a Federation IT Helpdesk UC NIMB 007
Use Case - Storing external CRM data in custom parameters UC NIMB 008
Use Case - Retrieving called Agent information from O365 UC NIMB 009
Use Case - Caller Information from Graph UC NIMB 010
Use Case - Enabling additional authorization for Interact UC NIMB 011
Use Case - Filtering Attendant contact search via MS Graph UC NIMB 012
Use Case - Adding external Address Books via Power Automate UC NIMB 013
Use Case - Looking up phone numbers via API UC NIMB 014
Use Case - Setting up a basic IVR Service UC NIMB 015
Use Case - Setting up a Contact Center UC NIMB 016
Use Case - Looking up caller data from a simple Excel list UC NIMB 017
Use Case - Creating a callback task for missed calls in Salesforce UC NIMB 018
Use Case - Connecting to Azure Table Storage inside a flow UC NIMB 019
Use Case - Updating a task for a known Contact in Salesforce UC NIMB 020
Use Case - Creating and opening a Salesforce-Task as Agent accepts a call UC NIMB 021
Use Case - Waiting for a parameter to be updated via Power Automate UC NIMB 022
Use Case - Forwarding Voicemails received in Nimbus to Email UC NIMB 023
Use Case - Working with Blacklists or Whitelists in Nimbus UC NIMB 024
Use Case - Creating an incident task in ServiceNow UC NIMB 025
Use Case - Creating a ServiceNow ticket based on user input UC NIMB 027
Use Case - Tracking extended user presence via Azure guest accounts UC NIMB 028
Use Case - Looking up a caller to open Dynamics 365 contact context UC NIMB 029
Use Case - Setting up Assistant UC NIMB 030
Use Case - Creating a callback task in Dynamics 365 UC NIMB 031
Use Case - Connecting to OData via Postman UC NIMB 032
Use Case - Creating a custom settings page for a workflow UC NIMB 033
Use Case - Filtering the BI Report data model quickly UC NIMB 034
Use Case - Looking up caller information in HubSpot UC NIMB 035
Use Case - Looking up caller information from Zendesk UC NIMB 036
Use Case - Creating an IVR Ticket Service with Zendesk UC NIMB 037
Use Case - Creating a dynamic emergency message routing scenario UC NIMB 038
Use Case - Adding Custom Data to Luware Power BI Reports UC NIMB 039
Use Case - Planning After Call Work with Teams, Office and Nimbus UC NIMB 040
Use Case - Sending SMS through ACS in Nimbus UC NIMB 041
Use Case - Distinguishing external from internal calls UC NIMB 041
Use Case - Posting interactive custom adaptive cards to agents UC NIMB 042
Use Case - Transferring calls to an on-call agent from a SharePoint list UC NIMB 043
Use Case - Extending the standard Power BI Report with IVR Choices UC NIMB 044
Use Case - Collecting data from customers in an automated IVR without agents UC NIMB 045
Use Case - Integrating a customer satisfaction survey with Nimbus UC NIMB 046
Use Case - Creating Tasks in Planner for all Nimbus Service Calls UC NIMB 047
Use Case - Chaining of Assistant requests UC NIMB 048
Use Case - Exposing an API via Azure AD UC NIMB 049
Use Case - Retrieving Azure AD fields via Agent token UC NIMB 050
Use Case - Building a properties management customer service with Nimbus, Teams and HubSpot UC NIMB 051
Use Case - Building a Priority Service in Enterprise Routing UC NIMB 053
Use Case - Creating Nimbus outbound calls from a list of scheduled tasks UC NIMB 054
Use Case - Scheduling a call back task in Nimbus for missed calls on demand UC NIMB 055
Use Case - Collecting Customer Survey Values from a Workflow UC NIMB 056
Use Case - Creating a Dynamic IVR with TTS UC NIMB 057
Use Case - Showing a dynamic list of ticket links in Nimbus Assistant UC NIMB 058
Use Case - Using Save to Parameter activity to create custom triggers in the workflow UC NIMB 059
Use Case - Storing the Luware Recording link in a CRM UC NIMB 060
Use Case - Looking up caller information in BSI CRM UC NIMB 061
Use Case - Setting up Instant Messaging UC NIMB 062
Use Case - Adding a Nimbus Click to Call button in Salesforce UC NIMB 063
Use Case - Set preferred agent from CRM UC NIMB 064
Use Case - Using example Direct Call Templates with Hubspot CRM UC NIMB 065
How to use the "Save to Parameter" workflow activity UC NIMB 066
Use Case - Creating an External Task UC NIMB 067
Use Case - External Task in combination with Nimbus Assistant UC NIMB 068
Use Case - Answering a Dynamics Customer Voice survey within the IVR UC NIMB 069

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