Use Case - Using Save to Parameter Activity to Create Custom Triggers in the Workflow

Learn how to create your own (additional) trigger events in a Nimbus workflow.

In this use case, we're going to show how you can create your own (additional) Trigger Events in a Nimbus workflow. By doing so you get more opportunities to manipulate or save data via the Nimbus Power Automate Connector in your flows, e.g. to do storage operations in the background before Nimbus clears all data objects after a Workflow has concluded. The main trick explained in this use case is to use the Conversation Handling > Save to Parameter activity.



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Prepare in Nimbus

  1. Create two parameters as follows:Create two parameters. One is having a "NotSet" default value which we're going to overwrite during the workflow.
    💡 These paramaters act as "Trigger name" examples. You can of course change the names to something that implies the intent or position in your workflows, e.g. "BeforeDisconnect" or "AfterAnnouncement".
  2. With your parameter(s) ready, go to the workflow editoropen or create a workflow, and locate the place, where you want your custom parameter "triggers" to be called.
  3. Add two "Save to Parameter" activities to that location.
    1. The first "Save to Parameter" will save the value of the trigger for post processing in Power Automate
    2. The value can be in json format to store more than one string.
    3. The second "Save to Parameter" will store the trigger name, overriding it's default.

      Two "Save to Parameter" activites for storing name and value

Create the Power Automate Flow

In Power Automate, you can catch your new trigger called "MyCustomTriggerName" by using the trigger GetOnUpdatedTasks with the event Parameter Updated event.

Start the flow with the GetOnUpdatedTasks from the Nimbus Connector and select the event Parameter Updated. 

Then add a Condition element to the flow where you verify if you get the custom trigger.

Set the fields to the following:

  • triggerOutputs()?['body/updatedParameterName']
  • is equal to
  • MyCustomTriggerName

In the YES branch add a Compose element with

  • Content = json(triggerOutputs()?['body/updatedParameterValue'])

Use the Generate from sample button to generate the schema with the data set in the workflow.

✅ Now you are ready to implement the rest of your flow under the YES branch.

You can use the Parse JSON object which holds the CustomTriggerValue values for further processing.

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