Interact Service Settings

ūüí° Interact allows customers to directly communicate with your service agents via website, without the need to install or run a chat client on their side.


  • TENANT ADMIN¬†Interact is a¬†feature¬†enabled on tenant level.
  • Once¬†configured¬†Interact allows customers to reach a service directly from external URLs (websites) via small chat or voice widgets.
  • The Contact Center license needs to assigned to a service for the "Interact" settings to become visible. See¬†Service Administration¬†> General Tab > Licenses.

Features described in the following are still in beta (experimental) stadium.

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  • Features marked with are still being evaluated in both performance and usability by both our users and the development team.
  • Notable limitations and bugs may occur. An experimental feature may be temporarily disabled as improvements are implemented.
  • Based on customer feedback, scope and design of the feature may change significantly in upcoming updates.

Editing Interact Service details

After the service has been granted an Interact license the Interact-tab for further configuration will become visible.

An example configuration for a service

The following options can be configured:




‚úÖ This feature needs to be enabled for your Tenant, see prerequirements above.

ūüí° Note that Interact licenses (granted via "General" Tab) remain active for this user.

Audio & Video

When enabled the service can be contacted via call modality using Interact. Also refer to Call Handling.

ūüí° Regular Nimbus distributed service calls will still reach this user despite of this setting.

Instant Message

When enabled the service can be contacted via chat modality using Interact. Also refer to Chat Handling.

ūüí° Regular Nimbus distributed service calls will still reach this user despite of this setting.

Restrict Access

Toggle that applies Interact Domain Templates (CORS) as "whitelists"

  • When enabled, web page access to this service is limited to domains specified in the CORS templates.¬†
  • When disabled. any web page may access the service.
Domain Template Lists Interact Domain Templates (CORS) available under the same Organization Units as the current service.
Service Snippet

Default script with settings of current Service, which is later can be inserted into a the web page and used as a contact widget.

‚ėĚ Please note that the "Contact ID" and "WidgetKey" are unique to the current service and should not be mixed.

ūüí° Use the "Copy" button for easy Snippet Code retrieval.



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