Luware Interact is a solution that incorporates chat, voice and video calls directly into a website without any plugins. Users of Nimbus receive the customer interactions directly in their Teams client. From a customer perspective the Interact UI is very simple to use, directly embedded as a code-snippet on a website. The customer engages on a simple setup process and starts talking directly with any user of Nimbus within their Teams client.

INC Non-Productive Disclaimer Chat

Not ready for productive use

Chat-related features are depending on Microsoft "Private Preview" APIs and SDKs, limiting access to early-adopters. For these reasons, Nimbus cannot offer a productive operation environment nor provide official support for the Chat modality yet. Until the situation changes, the feature is not yet available.


Interact currently supports the following modalities, bi-directional and without any further browser installation requirements:

  • Chat
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Screen sharing

1.) A Interact customer starts the process


2.) A Nimbus-User is taking the call and sharing their screen directly with the customer



  • Nimbus Interact is a separately licensed Nimbus Feature and can be enabled individually for Users and Services. Please get in touch with Customer Success partner as prior setup is required and beta limitations apply.
  • The Interact configuration is done completely within the Administration. Also refer to Use Case - Setting up Interact for detailed steps.
  • Customers from outside will directly interact with Nimbus users and servcies via website widget. The website whitelist and the embed code are configured via Interact Domain Templates (CORS).

Known Limitations


  • Interact has certain javascript calling limitations in regards to operating systems and browsers. Refer to the official MSFT documentation.
  • Audio Video Calls initiated from Interact have the following workflow limitations:
Workflow Activity Limitations

Can only target services. Not supported targets are:

  • external
  • user
  • parameter
Queue "Pickup" distribution type is not supported.
Voice Message Not supported.
Customer Input Sending DTMF over Interact (Client/SDK) is not supported



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