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2 Feb 2024 - 1.89-3 Release Notes

🔥This is a minor hotfix update, bringing many new changes and options into Nimbus.

  • Attendant Console - Fixed an issue that prevented display names to be shown in contact groups. 
  • Initial improvements to our backend infrastructure were made to ensure a smooth call experience with further growth of the platform. In the coming weeks were are further committed to more adjustments to our infrastructure in order to cover the increasing load more efficiently and ensure ongoing availability at the usual level.

19 Jan 2024 - 1.89-1 Release Notes

🔥This is a minor hotfix update, bringing many new changes and options into Nimbus.

  • Call Handling - Fixed an issue that caused users in After Call Work (ACW) to be selected for calls despite being Off Duty or DND.

18 Jan 2024 - 1.89 Release Notes

🔖 This is a major feature update, bringing many new changes and options into Nimbus.

  • Elimination of audio delay for outbound calls (Postponed due to delayed MSFT deployment) -  Improved delay handling during outbound calls, causing customer and agent to hear each other only after a while. Customer and Agent should now hear each other immediately.
  • Flexible Licensing / User Modalities - This update will introduce more licensing flexibility, adding “Modality” settings for users. This will work in conjunction with the enabled modalities on service level, effectively limiting the channels on which users of that service will receive Nimbus tasks.
    • Introduction of modality addons for individual users. For each user the following modalities can now be configured individually:
      • Instant Messaging (Chat Handling) - default: disabled
      • External Task - default: disabled. 💡Existing users with a Contact Center license which had this modality enabled already will be migrated.
      • The License Management view has been updated accordingly to reflect the new user modality options.
      • Modalities on Nimbus Portal - As individual modalities can now be toggled per user, the modalities are also now shown in the Nimbus Portal (e.g. My Services and Dashboard  views).
    • Design changes to Service Administration and User Administration UIs (Modality tabs) to reflect the new modality selections.
    • Interact is now consolidated as a Service Addon with the according licensing contingency connected to License Management. 
  • Assistant - Status Display: The Luware Nimbus Assistant will now distinguish between the availability status for both Microsoft Teams and Luware Nimbus, allowing users to quickly differentiate between their different availability statuses. The Luware Nimbus availability status is now displayed in a new banner, making it easily visible. The Microsoft Teams status will be moved to the user icon at the top of the Nimbus Assistant. 
  • Assistant App changes and fixes: 
    • The “Notifications” tab in the settings now allows to configure notifications per modality (IM, External Task)
    • Fixed an issue with Extended toast-pop up not being displayed during a call
    • Assistant - Call Templates - Fixed a rare issue where call details from a cancelled call were not cleared correctly and shown on the followup call.
  • Historic Reporting - Aggregated Data, Short Abandons, OpeningHours 
    • Aggregated user an service statistics data is now part of the OData interface. Nimbus now generates 15 minutes timeslots and stores it in the reporting database. Users with WFM (Workforce Management Tools) use this data to get user involvements within service sessions e.g. to plan shifts with accurate data. ☝️ Please note: Reporting data prior to this update is not aggregated / migrated retroactively.
    • Added aggregation support to TiDB (OData interface) in 15' intervals each. Data is aggregated for: 
      • User sessions
      • Service user sessions
      • Service statistics
  • Reporting: Short Abandons - New settings added to General Service Settings  > Reporting section > Short Abandons Threshold
    • Calls below this threshold are considered “Abandoned" and also added to reporting / aggregated data.
    • Added Opening Hours service session data to the ServiceSessions table in the OData interface. 
    • Opening Hours are now also included a BI Template update.
    • KB: Updated the Nimbus Reporting Model to reflect aggregated and Opening Hours data.
  • Chat Handling Improvements:
    • Chat Handling  / Use Case - Setting up Instant Messaging  - removed the requirement for an own ACS instance requirement.
    • Modalities Tenant Settings  - Instant Messaging tab.
    • Now allows to invite 2 guest users instead of ACS instance (invited on the tenant level, similar to presence tracking)
    • New account info messages belwo form field inform about the account guest status
    • New Test UPN field to send a test chat message
  • Workflows - New Wait for Parameter Activity: Will wait for any Parameters changes away from the default (e.g. within Flow Actions). This feature allows you to pause your Luware Nimbus workflows for a define period so that Power Automate can update the value of a parameter, for example from your CRM system. The element will wait a defined time and play either a TTS you define or a resource you provide (e.g. music).
  • Nimbus Power Automate Connector (MS Flow): 
    • 💡As a reminder: Future feature updates will only be added to the new (to be certified V1) connector. Existing custom connectors (V0) will only receive minor updates and fixes to ensure ongoing productive use. When a transition or related action is necessary, we will inform about necessary steps via release notes and with according advance notification.
    • As the new Power Automate Connector is still undergoing Microsoft Certification (to be made available in the Microsoft store), we started updating first KB pages. 
    • KB changes:
      • Added a Legacy and Certified Connector Differences page to explain technical differences and prepare all users for the upcoming transition.
      • Reworked Trigger Events and Flow Actions pages mentioning first connector differences.
      • Nimbus Power Automate Connector page split up and reworked to make future updates easier to read.
      • Separated page: Update Nimbus Power Automate Connector
      • New “Integrations” category started in the Knowledge Base.
  • V1 Connector changes:
    • Fix / Change:  only "Enterprise Routing" and "Contact Center" licensed Services are shown in the Action / Trigger pulldowns. This has already been the case according to the Nimbus Features matrix, but was never checked within service / user pulldown entries.
    • Previously - if you call the "Update Task" action multiple times - you had to provide all previous values (e.g. for the customer details). Otherwise set values get overwritten with NULL/null.
    • The new V1 connector now allows to “skip” overwriting values for properties passed with null/NULL to backend by using the function “string(null)”. Also see Stack Overflow source
  • Other Changes and Improvements:
    • Dashboards - All users with rights to edit Non-Personal Dashboards in the Admin UI can now add any widget. This does not impact the filtering approach on the Frontend.
    • General Service Settings  - New GDPR setting Hide on Historical Sessions page - will hide the service and related tasks from the page.
    • Outbound Service Call / Call On Behalf - Now shows alternative phone destinations on existing contacts within search results.

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